Noise and vibration monitoring station

Integrated multiparameter noise & vibration monitoring stations that measure, record, process, store & transmit real-time data

Acoem noise and vibration monitoring stations are part of our range of smart noise and vibration monitoring solutions. They are an ideal way to integrate noise and vibration monitoring into an existing or purpose-built multiparameter environmental monitoring system. They consist of a single, energy efficient and weather resistant shelter that houses your noise and vibration monitoring equipment alongside air quality and any other environmental parameter you wish to accurately measure.

A total environmental monitoring solution

As part of a total environmental monitoring solution, noise monitoring must distinguish not only the level but also the origin of the noise. For regulatory purposes, knowing the origin is particularly important, so that noises from external sources (for example, wildlife) cannot be incorrectly attributed to a particular industrial or commercial activity.
Depending on your project requirements, Acoem’s suite of smart noise and vibration monitoring devices , — including Fusion, Cube, and Orion — can be seamlessly incorporated into a new or existing Acoem environmental monitoring station to create a cohesive multiple application environmental monitoring system, including weather, wind, dust and air quality monitoring.
Operation via solar panels provides true flexibility for both short and long-term measurements. The weatherproof housing protects your noise and vibration monitoring station from extreme weather conditions while fulfilling Class 1 accuracy to meet regulatory standards.

Your data is always available

Designed to monitor for extended periods of time unattended, with reliable data captured every day of the year, the Acoem noise and vibration monitoring station features an integrated data logger with telemetry for visualisation and remote configuration of the instruments, integrated verification of the microphone, audio streaming and a number of other options that give you access to real-time data at any time.
Communication platforms include integrated WiFi and 3G or 4G modem, satellite and radio module connectivity. Real-time and historical data can be presented through secure on-screen displays, SMS messaging or emails. Data can be made available to the public via custom-designed web pages. Acoem can also push data out to external FTP networks. This allows captured results to be directly available on in-house systems, managed and operated by end-use customers.

Add noise and/or vibration monitoring capability to any Acoem monitoring system:

  • Dust monitors
  • Particulate monitors
  • Gas monitors
  • Continuous Air Quality Monitoring systems (AQMS)
  • Water monitors
  • Weather sensors/stations.

Advantages of Acoem noise and vibration monitoring stations:

  • Designed for continuous, long-term remote outdoor monitoring
  • Optimised for use in all weather conditions
  • Fully integrated advanced instrumentation 
  • Operate remotely with Cloud-based Cadence™ management software
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Access critical data from any location via any enabled device 
  • Reduce total monitoring cost & demands on your time
  • Security protocols for safe & reliable live data streaming
  • Approved to IEC 61672 Class 1 specifications
  • Self-monitoring capabilities, including calibration & health conditions checks
  • Cost-effective solution for one cohesive unit with multiple applications
  • Accurate, real-time data reporting
  • Remote access diagnostics 
  • Solar-powered
  • Expert maintenance & technical support
  • Dial-in & listen to real-time audio on exceedances

Installation, maintenance & technical support

Our highly specialised team of Acoem field technicians and engineers uses a proactive and professional problem-solving approach to install integrated systems in any location. We ensure that your station will operate successfully and meet all regulatory standards, including initial calibration and final checks.
To maximise your station’s performance, reliability, accuracy and regulatory compliance abilities, we recommend that you schedule on-going maintenance and calibration of all monitoring instruments at set intervals.

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