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More than technology – Acoem is your total reliability partner

Reliability issues can significantly affect your industrial performance, maintenance costs and operational efficiency. More importantly, they can negatively impact the health and safety of your workforce and the environment.

At Acoem we are committed to adding value to your industrial maintenance processes and helping you leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence for your plant, factory, or manufacturing facility. Our ecosystem of inter-connected monitoring tools, apps, AI-driven software platform and targeted training and consulting services have all been designed to make your maintenance experience seamless.

Our reliability solutions

Choose from a single solution to meet an individual application or let us design a completely integrated maintenance system that includes multiple components, technologies, sensors and consulting services – covering the entire spectrum of your strategic monitoring needs.

We specialise in developing and commissioning technology-driven condition monitoring solutions that range from top-of-the-line fixed, real-time online vibration systems to handheld and wireless portable vibration measurement devices that are easy to use and simplify your rotating assets’ condition monitoring program.

Anticipating industry needs, we have also designed very specific vibration monitoring solutions for piping infrastructure and bearing greasing while our pro-active shaft, belt, geometric measurement and wind turbine alignment systems help you gain control of your machinery, optimise performance and avoid costly interruptions to operations.

Our solutions for effective and accurate machine tool measurement enhance your machinery’s reliability, providing vital data on the positioning and spindle errors and helping you make informed rectification decisions to improve manufacturing processes and prevent failures.


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Specialized reliability solutions


An ecosystem that is continually evolving

Our portfolio of products and services continues to expand as we look at innovative and dynamic ways to help our customers achieve their reliability goals.

We invest in research and development to grow our capabilities, partner with like-minded thought leaders and organisations to develop novel approaches to reliability and readily adopt new technologies that we believe will be of the greatest benefit to our customers worldwide.

From the powerful AI-powered fixed sensor system of the MV-x to our newest addition to the range, the Sparrow – the smallest wireless triaxial vibration and temperature sensor on the market, we develop technology to suit all your machinery – from critical assets to your balance-of-plant equipment – each with varying capabilities to give you greater freedom of choice in how you monitor your equipment – but with no compromise on data processing quality and functionality via the common Nesti4.0 software platform.

Beyond vibration monitoring & shaft alignment – Shared platform & apps

Although we have garnered a global reputation for the technological excellence of our predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems in addition to AI-powered data analysis for rotating assets, our services extend beyond hardware and software, to offer you complete reliability solutions that are custom-designed to meet your specific challenges now and in the future.

All our reliability solutions share a common software and operating platform which means that once you and your teams have worked with the ecosystem once, any new equipment you choose to integrate will be a seamless transition, with no additional training to be undertaken, no new software to download and the simplicity of a single user interface.

By designing and developing apps that work with multiple sensor systems, your investment in hardware is kept to a minimum and all capabilities are shared via a cloud-connected infrastructure.

Our services

One of the major advantages of partnering with Acoem is the ability to tap into the expertise of our global team of professional reliability engineers and technology specialists who work across every region to provide exceptional customer service and proactive advice.


The ongoing services we provide are delivered by our CAT III and CAT IV technical experts who will work with you to audit your existing operations, identify your priorities and create a tailored and strategic maintenance plan that meets your specific needs and budget requirements.

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That may include a combination of fixed or handheld systems, sensors and ongoing consultation expertise with services like Advisor which is a strategic, ongoing approach to your diagnostics and reliability challenges or our thorough consulting services that will assess your current operations and design a customised management plan that covers every spectrum of your critical and balance-of-plant assets.

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We also offer our ‘watchdog’ NEST Vision which is your gateway to total machine maintenance management. This fully web-based service adapts to your specific operational requirements and each user’s individual needs – providing a customised and holistic overview of critical machinery in a single plant or an entire network around the world.

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All our solutions include thorough training. Our team will establish a training curriculum that adapts to the level of experience of your individual staff members and can be delivered on site, online or as a series of modules that can be accessed as required.

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Acoem reliability shortens the path between monitoring & informed maintenance action

At Acoem, we have been developing and deploying class-leading multi-parameter industrial reliability solutions for more than 50 years through our FixturLaser, VibrAlign and OneProd brands. Today, we offer our global customers a complete ecosystem of integrated, AI-powered vibration monitoring, shaft alignment and machine measurement technologies and complementary services – all connected to our single software and management platform the Nesti4.0 – ensuring that your data is always accurate and your equipment operates with maximum efficiency.

We believe in helping you find the right balance between progress and preservation. Enabling industries and machine operators to make knowledgeable decisions based on reliable data, our holistic solutions lead to operational excellence and better outcomes.

At Acoem, we create environments of possibility every day.

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