Service & Calibration for Acoem Reliability Solutions

Maximise equipment precision and performance with Acoem’s expert service and calibration services.

Precision and accuracy are critical for any organisation striving to meet sustainable goals. Consequently, monitoring systems must exhibit precision down to the millimeter, decibel, and degree. This underscores the importance of calibration and quality service.

Regularly servicing and calibrating your instruments is integral to maintaining their precision and operational efficiency. Calibrations must be conducted against a reference standard piece of equipment by fully accredited technicians in a certified laboratory to ensure adherence to the highest standards of professionalism.

Calibration not only upholds the integrity of your device but also enhances its longevity and ensures it consistently operates within the manufacturer’s specifications. Given the substantial investment in your monitoring hardware, safeguarding it throughout its lifecycle is imperative.

For your monitoring hardware needs, you can always rely on Acoem’s authorised facilities and extensive industry knowledge.

Ensuring precision and accuracy with timely calibration

Measuring instruments serve as the lifeline of your company, meticulously overseeing and gauging your production processes. They are the guardians of product quality, directly influencing the success and profitability of your enterprise.

Regularly assessing the health of your instruments with traceable calibration equipment ensures that your quality consistently aligns with customer expectations, a critical factor for maintaining ISO 9001 certification. Through regular calibration, you can:

  • Ensure consistent quality of your production output.
  • Reduce operating costs through improved reliability.
  • Access international markets optimally.
  • Establish a robust quality system.
  • Address quality audits and reviews effectively.
  • Maintain adherence to quality specifications.
  • Meet production control criteria.
  • Verify inspection and testing results.
  • Establish calibration traceability.

Delivering ‘back to original’ calibration for monitoring equipment

There is a difference between calibration and ‘manufacturer’s calibration’, and it can prove to be crucial during your plant Predictive maintenance cycle. As people who know our sensors, monitors and devices inside and out, we make the difference. Our expert knowledge along with comprehensive and high-quality services, ensure that your instruments are returned in a ‘back to new’ status, in the shortest possible time.

At Acoem, we understand that accuracy of measurements goes beyond just ensuring the operational longevity of your instruments – accuracy of measurement has a key impact on your overall business ecosystem. This detailed approach to calibration has earned us the trust of customers from industries across the Globe.

Zero margin of error, 100% peace of mind

At Acoem our tolerance for error is zero, so that you can have the confidence to push your monitoring equipment to the limits. This means every calibration cycle delivers:

  • Reliable performance
  • Greater accuracy
  • Minimize call-backs
  • Shorter downtimes

Acoem India’s IR Service and Calibration Packages

Acoem India’s IR Service and Calibration Packages offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our packages not only ensure the precision and reliability of your instruments but also guarantee long-term cost savings. By opting for our packages, you benefit from proactive maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and associated repair costs. Additionally, our expert calibration services optimize equipment performance, extending its lifespan and minimizing the need for premature replacements. With Acoem India’s IR Service and Calibration Packages, you not only invest in the present efficiency of your instruments but also secure significant savings over their entire lifecycle.

Basic Asset Service & Calibration Package – Annual

Ensure optimal performance and reliability with our annual Basic Asset Service & Calibration Package. Key features include:

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance with periodic condition assessments.
  • Telephonic and email/web-based technical support.
  • Equipment inventory management.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and calibration email alerts.
  • Verification of accuracy and precision with calibration certificate issuance.
  • Basic repair services, including minor adjustments without spare utilization.
  • Duration: 4-5 days.

Comprehensive Service & Calibration Solution – Annual

Experience seamless operations and maximize efficiency with our Comprehensive Service & Calibration Solution. This annual package offers:

  • Streamlined repair processes and optimized resource allocation.
  • Traceable calibration records maintained by Acoem R&C.
  • Automated calibration reminders and history tracking.
  • Calibration certificate generation as per compliance requirements.
  • Ticketing system for repair requests and spare parts inventory management.
  • Work order prioritization and performance analytics.
  • Minimal disruption to operations with priority care and comprehensive calibration reports.
  • Hardware loaner units, software updates, and firmware maintenance releases.
  • Multiple performance verifications on request.
  • Duration: 24-48 hours.

Extended Warranty Available Plan

Avail a 3-month extended warranty for instruments purchased within 1 year, along with a 10% discount on regular calibration charges. Please contact for rates and scheduling.

Equipment Servicing Options

At Acoem, we’re committed to providing comprehensive support for all the products we deliver to our customers, particularly in the Conditioning Monitoring and Alignment segment. To confirm if your instrument is eligible for calibration by Acoem, feel free to reach out via email at

Contact us today to maximise your instrument’s lifecycle

Whether your instrument is still under warranty, or needs an annual routine service and calibration, we perform all necessary testing to keep it in field-ready condition.

To ensure accurate and reliable measurements, to comply with industry standards, and to prolong the equipment’s life, alignment and vibration measurement equipment must be serviced and calibrated on a regular basis. It is important to schedule regular maintenance and to keep accurate records of all service and calibration work.

Please contact for rates and scheduling.

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