Bearing greasing assistant

More than a smart algorithm, the Bearing Defect Factor™ (DEF) guides you through your whole bearing greasing process via wireless and accurate vibration measurements.

Bearing defects incrementally lead to a deterioration of performance, leading to machine downtime, loss of productivity, and ultimately failure in rotating machinery. Improving and maintaining your rotating machine health starts by ensuring a balanced lubrication flow to bearings.

Developed in the 70’s with over 2000 bearing references, Acoem embeds 50 years of experience in its proven and experience-based algorithm. Easy to use, Bearing Defect Factor ™ can be implemented in the context of proactive maintenance and assistance in the greasing of bearings.

Discovering Bearing Defect Factor ™ on Bearing Defender App and SMC

Acoem’s algorithm Defect Factor™ (DEF) is directly integrated into the Acoem Bearing Defender Application and Acoem SMC. Customizable across a broad range of industries worldwide, the DEF indicator offers specific guidance during your greasing process. Discover more with the application note in the “resource” category of the Bearing Defender App and Smart Machine Checker (SMC).

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Bearing Defect Factor™
The DEF indicator measures high-frequency impacts that occur when a bearing is not properly lubricated with grease, and is represented as an absolute value ranging from 0 to 12
Audio Listening
Connect your headphones and listen to the real-time decrease in noise of your rotating assets while greasing
Wireless measurements
Patented wireless vibration measurement (US 9,921,136) provides the best user comfort and experience with live-streaming capability and a rechargeable battery for an 8-hour measurement activity cycle

Greater focus with one targeted indicator

The indicator DEF is one of the key tools in detecting and addressing bearing defects. As a result, bearing health can be characterized with high accuracy from the first spalls and during its whole life cycle, with a single indicator.

It measures and reports high-frequency impacts on a simplified scale, going from 0 to 12. The higher the value, the more important the bearing default is and necessitates urgent greasing actions.

Here are the basic value and meaning you can encounter using the Acoem DEF indicator :

  • 0-6 Typical bearing measurement
  • 6-9 Questionable bearing problem, early failure, or inadequate greasing
  • 9-12 Bearing wear or lubrication issue to be corrected as soon as possible

Measure the impact of the grease quantity added in real-time

Classic monitoring techniques do not allow monitoring a bearing during its whole life cycle with good accuracy. Thanks to Acoem Bearing Defender App and SMC, you can take wireless and real-time measurements while greasing the bearing. Watch the DEF indicator decrease on the screen while adding grease. Once the value builds up again, stop immediately – the bearing has been sufficiently greased.

Add more accuracy to your lubrication flow

With the possibility to connect headphones to Acoem Bearing Defender App and SMC, you can listen to your bearing signal in real-time. You can view the value of the DEF indicator decrease while hearing an improvement in bearing noise as you add the lubricant. This feature gives greater clarity to your actions so that rotating assets receive the right lubricant amount, at the right time.

Acoustic is not the only bearing greasing assistant

Acoustics or ultrasound is not the only technique available through the greasing process. In fact, with the right vibration sensor, and the right tool to convert it into actionable data, vibration also measures high frequencies allowing you to listen and monitor grease quantity input in the bearings. Through a simple measurement process, this technique is readily available in the hands of every maintenance operator, while offering extended diagnostic capabilities through the Acoem Smart Machine Checker (SMC) or Bearing Defender App.

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