Straightness measurement

Straightness with an edge

The straightness application is measured in two axes, where the laser beam is used as a reference. The deviation in distance between the laser beam and the measurement object is measured in two or more positions with the use of a receiver.

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What does the program do ?

The program allows for up to 99 points to be measured.

Typical straightness applications are measurements of machine guides, machine beds, machine ways, and guide rails.

How to do a straightness measurement

1. Configuration

  • Quick and easy to configure
  • Pre-defined configuration

2. Measurement

  • Distinct overall view of the measurement
  • Instant display of measurement object’s position
  • Color-coded measurement points
  • Measurement points can be registered in any order you prefer

3. Adjustment

  • Live values during the adjustment phase
  • The angle guide displays the accepted (green) measurement point registration area
  • Green arrows show you in which direction to adjust towards zero
  • Color-coded measurement values



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