Bore fixture kits

Geometric Versatility with the NXA Platform

We offer several geometry fixture solutions and dedicated bore packages. The latter are complete packages, including both transmitter, receiver, and fixtures. In case you are dealing with turbines of large diameter ranges, you can extend the fixtures in different lengths thanks to our two accessory kits.


Dual-axis live adjustment
Touch screen
6,5” industrial-strength touch screen
Instant battery check in both on and off mode
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication between display unit and smart sensors
IP65 sealed rubberized frame
User interface
Icon-based and color-coded user interface
Adjustment orientation
Animated arrows indicating adjustment orientation

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Two complete fixture kits

Two complete fixture kits are available for half- and fullbore measurements with the NXA Ultimate package. Each kit contains fixtures for various bore diameters, ranging from ø80 mm up to ø1700 mm. One accessory kit is also available for each respective bore fixture package.

Fullbore measurements

ø 80 – 620 mm

Acoem Fullbore measurements

What’s in the Fullbore fixture case?

Fullbore fixture package, ø 80 – 620 mm (non-magnetic materials):

  • 3 pcs of arms and magnets, ø 180 – 300 mm
  • Bore receiver fixture, ø 80 – 300 mm
  • 3 pcs of arms and magnets, ø 300 – 600
  • XY table
  • Rotational unit for non-magnetic bore
  • Non-magnetic bore fixture, ø 290 – 400 mm
  • Non-magnetic bore fixture, ø 400 – 620 mm
  • 4 pcs of rods, ø 10 mm, length 60 – 120 mm

Halfbore measurements

ø 80 – 750 mm

Acoem Halfbore measurements

What’s in the Halfbore case?

Halfbore fixture package, ø 80 – 750 mm:

  • Bore receiver fixture, ø 80 – 300 mm
  • 4 pcs of arms for halfbore, 400 mm
  • Expanding joint for bore
  • Magnetic base for transmitter profile
  • Rotational unit for bore (non-magnetic materials)
  • Mounting plate for rotation unit
  • 4 pcs of rods, ø 10 mm, length 60 – 120 mm





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