Congrego Lite

The compact, next generation environmental data logger

Congrego® Lite data logger was designed for optimal use with full-reference environmental monitoring stations. Congrego® Lite is the ideal solution for smaller metrological stations, dust monitoring sites, solar stations and applications where low power consumption is essential.  It is also the perfect compact data logger for tunnels where multiple units can be easily installed to give better spatial resolution with hyperlocal, accurate air quality data along the entire tunnel length.


Smart interface
Intuitive and customisable user interface
Traceability of records
Fulfills the ‘traceability of records’ requirement of ISO 17025
Remote control
Allows for local or remote control of monitoring instruments
Stay alert
Automated alarms and alerts
Works everywhere
Works with or without a live internet connection
Integrates seamlessly with Airodis™ data collection, validation & reporting software

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Congrego Lite® – the compact data logger solution

While the Congrego® data logger was designed for optimal use with full-reference environmental monitoring stations, we recognise that there are a number of other applications that would benefit from the precision and accuracy of Congrego® but may not need all of the functionality.

That is why we developed Congrego Lite® – a more compact, equally precise but lower cost data logger.

Congrego Lite® is the ideal solution for:

  • Smaller metrological stations
  • Dust monitoring sites
  • Solar stations 
  • Tunnels 
  • Other applications where less power usage is required

Congrego Lite® is 30% smaller than the original Congrego®

When compared to the full-feature Congrego® data logger, Congrego® Lite features a lower powered Intel processor so uses less power (10 watts compared to 22 watts with Congrego®); has a limited number of channels (15), fewer ports and one solid-state hard drive (SSD) instead of two. The watchdog timer function of Congrego® – that automatically reboots in case of error – has been diabled, as has the calibration capability.

  • 30 % smaller than the original Congrego®
  • Uses 55 % less power (11 watts compared to 22 watts)
  • Has 15 channels
  • Has 1 solid-state hard drive (SSD) (instead of 2)
  • Equipped with essential ports only.

Intuitive interface & Software integration

It offers the same simple set-up and easy installation with an intuitive and customisable user interface. It allows for local or remote control of monitoring instruments; has automated alarms and alerts; works with or without a live internet connection; and integrates with Airodis™ data collection, validation and reporting software.

Saves time and money

Congrego Lite® gives you greater choice when it comes to your data logging. The same superior technology and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your environmental data is accessible, accurate and secure at all times – at a significantly lower price.

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