Digitalizing Water Treatment Facility : Leveraging Wireless Solutions for Enhanced Maintenance

Executive Summary

The water treatment stations across a vast county in the US, covering hundreds of miles, initially turned to Acoem alignment solutions to enhance the reliability of their assets. Delighted with the results, they decided to broaden their collaboration by implementing an Advisor remote diagnostics program. This allowed them to identify issues early in the failure cycle and improve their maintenance scheduling capabilities. After two years of successful partnership, they chose to further enhance their maintenance program, signaling a significant advancement in their journey. 

The Challenge

The company faced a significant challenge due to its vast coverage of over a hundred miles, coupled with a manual data collection program on assets running intermittently. This maintenance approach proved to be excessively resource-intensive and ill-suited for such expansive terrain. To save time and gain better insights into their large pumps, transitioning to a wireless solution became imperative.

By adopting wireless technology, they eliminated the need for on-site visits to each pump for data collection at specific times. Instead, they gained access to real-time data, significantly enhancing their maintenance program. This transition marked a shift from a reactive to a predictive maintenance approach, allowing them to anticipate issues way before they occur.

The Solution

To facilitate real-time data collection, they equipped their water pumps with wireless vibration sensors, deploying a total of 18 sparrows in one station. Additionally, they strategically positioned two gateways seamlessly connecting the vibration and temperature data to the Acoem cloud via 4G connectivity, ensuring remote monitoring capability from any location within the city.

Supported by the ACOEM Advisor program, they efficiently monitor and schedule maintenance actions for their pumps, ensuring uninterrupted facility production. Leveraging the expertise of acoem reliability experts through NEST Vision, they receive tailored up to date advice and insight, accessible 24/7. The addition of this dashboard proved to be invaluable. With its responsive display features accessible from any mobile device, it streamlined multi-site health monitoring, ultimately enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

The Outcome

The addition of wireless remote diagnostics to NEST Vision has significantly improved maintenance with an easy-to-use multisite view, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Acoem’s advanced wireless sensors, collecting real-time data, effectively eliminate the need for manual inspections, resulting in substantial savings of time, energy, and resources. This streamlined approach also contributes to an overall improvement in the facility’s global operational performance.

Acoem Advisor experts use advanced diagnostics tools in NESTi4.0 software to analyze data, tapping into Acoem’s extensive maintenance industry experience for the facility’s benefit. -Clients receive clear, expert , actionable recommendations and diagnostics through the user-friendly web interface of NEST Vision.This dashboard enables seamless monitoring of water pump health, offering timely access to relevant data.

Real-time data is presented in an easily understandable color-coded format on any enabled device, allowing the facility to provide feedback on the accuracy of recommendations for continuous improvement by Acoem experts.

Acoem Sparrow, Advisor, and NEST Vision form integral components of the Acoem Reliability ecosystem. This all-in-one solution introduces a new era of remote and optimized maintenance, liberating the company from the constraints of traditional manual processes. With streamlined data collection and expert insights readily available, the company can now proactively address maintenance needs, reducing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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