SoundCam Ultra

Ultrasound Acoustic Imaging

Acoem presents – Acoustic Camera SoundCam Ultra an accurate, reliable, easy to use and cost-effective acoustic based machine condition monitoring solution. The SoundCam Ultra is the first and smallest handheld camera that creates acoustic images from audible and ultrasound. It locates sound sources in real time and displays the results instantly on the screen and helps to analyse machine wear, defects assessment, detects compressed air/ gas leaks, partial discharges and corona testing.

Operating in real-time, the acoustic camera is ideal for detecting compressed air/gas leaks, partial discharges and corona testing

How Does SoundCam Help ?

  • Enables objective recordings and visual documentation, so that subjective assessments by individuals are avoided
  • Portable small handheld device enables on the fly localization and perfect choice for small hard-to-reach spaces
  • Captures high acoustic frame rates, crucial to clearly distinguish between different sounds
  • Rugged and Ergonomically designed
  • Instant analysis & diagnosis onsite with inbuilt software
  • Sensitive to sound and ultrasound frequency ranges up to 100 kHz
  • Detection of mechanical and electrical faults
  • Integrated object lighting
  • Easy to use diagnosis features with integrated touchscreen
  • Detection from safe distance

Designed to meet your needs

Electrical Asset Reliability

One of the first indications of an electrical problem is sound. Traditionally, faulty components have been detected based on the heat they emit, but sound appears even before the components begin to heat up. The sound contains information which, correctly interpreted, will tell you if the sound is normal or causes a risk and how you should react to it.

This sound, which is both sonic and ultrasonic, is caused by partial discharges, i.e., electrical discharges that signal the harmful flow of electricity and deteriorate components over time. The effects of partial discharge produce airborne ultrasound signals, easily detectable with SoundCam Ultra. You can find sources of partial discharge on all types of high voltage electrical assets. Switchgear, transformers, overhead lines, and underground cables etc.

In fact, partial discharges are related to nearly 85% of disruptive failures in high-voltage and medium-voltage assets, causing costly network outages and safety hazards. Early detection is the best way to avoid the components’ complete, possibly fatal failure caused by the electrical stress of partial discharges.

Compressed Air/Gas Leak Localisation

Air leaks cause up to 50% of energy waste in compressed air systems furthermore, air leaks shorten the equipment’s service life and lead to unplanned maintenance efforts, unscheduled downtime, and potential safety hazards. Early detection is the best way to proactively prevent increased costs and severe complications.

SoundCam scans large areas quickly and locates air leaks by listening to, recognizing, and analyzing the sounds they emit. The Camera is faster and far more sensitive and accurate than the human ear, combining both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies.

Industrial Asset Monitoring

Industrial assets usually signal the end of their service life by making sounds that are out of the ordinary. Sometimes, especially in noisy environments, detecting those sounds is nearly impossible, and tracking sound trends requires acoustic experience. However, finding the issues early through sound detection is the best way to guard against unplanned, expensive downtime, reduce costs, and avoid dangerous safety hazards.

The SoundCam listens to your assets and automatically detects deviations and harmful trends in the sounds they make. The reports provides detailed data for informed, predictive maintenance decisions before you begin to lose money due to broken assets and delays in operation. The SoundCam saves time by removing the need to manually inspect fully functioning assets

Tune in to Acoustic Monitoring Today

The SoundCam Ultra can be used in a very wide frequency range up to 100 kHz, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as locating compressed air leaks and partial discharges. With its small, ergonomic design and low weight, the SoundCam Ultra is an excellent measuring instrument, even for hard-to-reach places.

The SoundCam Ultra consists of 72 microphones with a sampling rate of 200 kHz, an optical camera, an integrated data acquisition and analysis system, and a display and control unit with touch screen and hardware buttons. The system displays high-resolution results on the screen in real time. The high speed and accuracy make the system special even in a very high frequency range up to 100 kHz.

The SoundCam opens up many new possibilities for acoustic sound source localization. By using array of microphones, localization and analysis of airborne ultrasound sources are easily possible. Acoem offers data acquisition and processing solutions via simple and effective web interfaces, enabling operations to focus on their jobs and decision-making.

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