Noise monitoring and management solution

A major step forward in secure, flexible & affordable noise monitoring, Cadence™ is the result of our desire to do more with less. A total noise monitoring & controlling management system, it continually improves noise monitoring technology, breaks down barriers to entry and shortens the path between monitoring and informed action.


Noise Monitoring solution
Real time with alarming notifications
Specific application enabler
Easy API integration in other applications
Management of devices
Devices, projects and measurement points
Easy to use
modern and intuitive interface, easy pairing of devices
Unlimited users
Unlimited number of users, of devices, of projects

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Seamless Performance

Cadence™ is a 100% responsive, ready-to-use monitoring platform that seamlessly integrates with all Acoem noise measuring devices. Available 24x7x365, access your data on an intuitive interface via any connected device — smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop (Windows, iOS or Android).

Powerful Simplicity

The perfect project management tool, it provides real-time results for heatmaps, overall levels and multiple indicators. Capable of managing an unlimited number of projects, devices and users as well as export data and receive triggered alarms no matter your location, it is the simplest solution for all your noise monitoring needs.

Designed as a simple, efficient and cost-effective platform, Cadence™ effortlessly and seamlessly acts as a conduit to connect all your Acoem noise monitoring devices in one user-friendly ecosystem. Through this software platform and management system, we are cementing our position as leaders in innovative noise monitoring solutions and providing future-proof connectivity that integrates with new product offerings as well as existing models.

Complete monitoring autonomy

Focus on your core business, while Cadence™ takes care of your data needs. Cadence hands over control back to business leaders and team members, whereby they get greater control over every monitoring project, each device or an entire network of sensors at the touch of a button.

  • Real-time overview of each measurement point
  • Flexible & easy calibration, SOH, position, electrical checks
  • Project management status overview
  • Results in real time (heatmap, overall levels)
  • Effortless data export & reporting
  • Receive trigger & alarm notifications from any location
  • Unlimited devices, measurement points, authorised users & projects
  • Connect each device automatically & create new projects in less than 60 seconds
  • Compatibility with all Acoem noise monitoring devices
  • Use aggregate & applicative data instead of raw data
  • Store data securely in Acoem’s servers
  • Affordable with no infrastructure costs
  • Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Data security locked-in

To commission your Acoem noise monitoring instrument and ensure that it is successfully linked with Cadence™, we issue a one-off security key that connects it to the Acoem Cloud using secure password-protected credentials. Using Bluetooth and an IoT protocol, simply pair your device, input the model and serial number and within a few seconds the Cadence™ interface will instantly identify the connection with your pre-configured device.

Smart monitoring

CadenceTM carries an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that has been built on a foundation of Acoem’s 45+ years of extensive expertise in noise and vibration monitoring technology, together with a future-proof, Cloud-based delivery system, ensuring greater security of data and ability to share with authorised individuals. Cadence™ also allows for compatibility with existing systems like security cameras and the exporting of data for the creation of reports or publishing on public-facing websites as required.

With Cadence™:

  • Store & organise all your data with a single solution in the Cloud
  • Never lose connection with your sensors
  • Connect & configure your devices automatically at the touch of a button
  • No technical expertise required
  • Connect a single device or an entire network
  • Get an added layer of security for sensitive data with individual commissioning keys
  • See all your projects at a glance
  • Have an instant overview of all your measurement points
  • Understand the status & performance of each device you own
  • Pay an annual service fee rather than invest in costly infrastructure.

Cadence™ Anywhere / Cadence™ for any environment

Smart cities

Deploy an entire network of sensors in the selected areas to study the acoustic impact of traffic & people movement or integrate the system into a whole of city security or surveillance system to collect and store real-time noise level data.

Environment monitoring

Perform all environmental studies with ease no matter the location, including recalculation of time bases, day/evening/night mean calculations, incident analysis and comparison with the regulatory limits.

Construction & mining

Receive continuous noise level data from different points on site to authenticate the source and incidence of potential exceedances to ensure compliance with noise regulations for maximum permissible levels. Verify fulfilment of operation timetables and help protect the soundscape for on-site workers and neighbouring businesses and populations.

Industrial noise

Continuous monitoring functionality will detect noises from intermittent sources or focal points and distinguish the actual industrial activity type responsible for the deviation. It will also identify potential operational faults or condition monitoring issues and provide early warning signals to facilitate immediate rectification.

Cadence™ was created to:

  • help you better understand & control your soundscape
  • enable you to easily interact with captured data & use it to make better decisions
  • give you greater choice & freedom when it comes to establishing a sustainable noise monitoring system
  • remove reliance on extensive hardware or infrastructure — such as IT, sensors and servers — to get the highest quality data.

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