How the Sparrow and NEST Vision Transformed a Brazilian Mining Port's Operations

Country: Brazil
Application: Leading mining port


A leading Brazilian player of the mining industry initially reached out to Acoem for its renowned reliability expertise to support equipment maintenance initiatives. Using Acoem’s Falcon portable vibration tool and the MV-x continuous monitoring system, they were impressed by the precision and efficiency of data collection. Moreover, the seamless integration into Acoem’s NESTi4.0 online monitoring system boosted their confidence in data reliability and accuracy.

Over the course of a decade-long partnership marked by success, the mining port continued to rely on Acoem’s expertise. Now, embarking on a new phase, they once again sought Acoem’s assistance, this time for a distinct requirement and application.

The Challenge

This mining port, situated in one of the country’s largest and most pivotal port cities, plays a crucial role in transporting mining materials from one point to another. Central to this intricate process is their approximately 4-kilometer conveyor belt system. Ensuring its uninterrupted operation is crucial, given its central role in the transport procedure.

Recognizing the critical importance of employee safety, the company understood the need for a robust monitoring program tailored to their specific requirements. With the conveyor belt spanning vast distances, relying solely on manual data collection would be impractical and resource-intensive.

Thus, the company actively pursued a solution that placed a top priority emphasis on the safety of its workforce. By implementing an optimized data collection program, they strengthened their plant’s safety measures. This comprehensive approach not only preserves the integrity of the machinery but also raises the overall safety standards for their employees.

The Solution

Tailored to address their specific needs and challenges, a remote maintenance program emerged as the optimal solution for the company. The introduction of wireless sensors, such as Sparrow, struck a perfect balance between affordability, performance, adaptability, and remote diagnostic capabilities.

Deploying two hundred Sparrow sensors along the approximately 4-kilometer conveyor belt allowed for real-time monitoring of the machine’s health, covering its entire length, from start to finish. This approach minimized the risk of breakdowns, ensured uninterrupted operations and guaranteed the entire safety of the employees. 

Furthermore, the Sparrow wireless system seamlessly integrates with the Falcon portable data collector and MV-x online monitoring system within NESTi4.0. The newly introduced, NEST Vision, offers the company a comprehensive view of its extensive machinery network, accessible directly from their centralized diagnostic center. This integration goes beyond mere basic alarms and trends; it delivers actionable insights that streamline informed decision-making processes while ensuring oversight of every asset, regardless of the monitoring tool used.

The Outcome

By integrating hundreds of Sparrow units into their existing reliability tools ecosystem, they have significantly improved both production output and safety protocols at their site. This strategic move, coupled with the comprehensive insights provided by NEST Vision, streamlined their predictive maintenance approach. This advancement represents a pivotal step in enhancing the overall reliability and performance of their site. With newfound predictive capabilities, they can navigate operations with unprecedented confidence.

Leveraging the suite of Acoem reliability tools (including Falcon, MV-x, Sparrow, and NEST Vision) has revolutionized their maintenance management practices. Now equipped with a unified platform, they can oversee all site equipment from a single interface, effortlessly schedule maintenance tasks, and make well-informed decisions with clarity.

As they continue to expand their operations, with machinery spanning vast distances and encompassing various types, the prospect of incorporating additional MV-x for their car dumper further emphasises their commitment to cutting-edge reliability solutions.

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