Acoem DSL-800 Laser Backscatter Particulate Monitor

Acoem Dynoptic are very pleased to release the DSL-800, a US EPA PS-11 compliant laser backscatter particulate emission monitor.

Following in the footsteps of the DSL-610, the DSL-800 has been designed to provide an in situ measurement of the concentration of particulate matter passing through a duct, stack or flue of industrial combustion or air filtration processes.

In order to comply with the requirements of the US EPA PS-11, the monitor was tested at a third party waste incineration plant over a period of eight months. It delivers accurate measurement readings, operating within a compliant performance range of 0-150mg/m3 when calibrated against standard reference measurements.

Being a single transceiver (TRX) mounted on one side of the stack, installation is quick and simple compared to cross stack light transmission systems. The TRX emits a beam of red laser light into the stack and automatically detects any light backscattered from suspended particles in the stack gas. The head’s configuration measures the light scatter from well into the stack, yet it remains insensitive to scatter from the far wall meaning that a light dump is not required.

The DSL-800 has all its communication and outputs available directly from the TRX, including digital relays, analogue outputs, RS485 Modbus RTU and USB connectivity for use with our windows based utility software which is provided as standard. The optional DSCU (Dynoptic Systems Control Unit) is also available for ground level controls, data retransmission, and monitor networking.

On board temperature measurement provides stability over the operating temperature range and the monitor has the capability to perform automatic zero and span checking. Featuring rugged 316L stainless steel construction and an LED display to view measurements, operational status, alarms and maintenance requirements. Available in three path length variants, the DSL-800 offers a tailored solution to suit the internal diameter of individual chimney stacks measuring from 0.5 metres to 4 metres. A full range of complementarity accessories is available including purge air supply systems and calibration tools.

The DSL-800 is the ideal instrument to ensure accurate management of:

Process control and optimisation.
Exhaust gas filtration – alerting you to anomalies or requirements for maintenance.
Providing emission data that your process is operating within the required standards for regulatory compliance.

Download Technical Data Sheet for more information.

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