Shaft alignment tools

Proactive maintenance solutions to boost the productivity & longevity of your critical rotating machinery

Precision laser shaft alignment tools make the process of measuring and correcting misalignment of your machinery easier, more accurate and repeatable. With the right technology, novices and experts alike can make informed decisions and operate machinery with greater efficiency, minimising wear, production stoppages and unnecessary costs.

Precision alignment matters

Not only is precision laser alignment crucial to protecting the operational efficiency and life expectancy of your rotating machinery, it also reduces stress on your equipment and helps avoid unexpected failures which may cause full process shutdowns or safety incidents.
Misalignment is the root cause of upwards of 50% of all rotating asset failures, including lubrication issues from seal cracks and bearing faults. Studies indicate that it is also responsible for a 3-10% increase in energy consumption, translating to significant additional costs over your machine’s lifetime.

Even the smallest angle misalignment can reduce the lifespan of your components by 50%. To avoid this scenario and keep your machinery running efficiently, you need to proactively undertake precision alignment as part of your maintenance program to save your business both time and money. With Acoem task-oriented laser shaft alignment tools, you can be confident that your machinery will be aligned quickly, easily and accurately every time, with all the guidance you need available via your tablet or smartphone.

Four decades of excellence in alignment

What began as a mechanical workshop in Sweden in 1984, evolved to become an international leader in laser-based shaft alignment for rotating assets. Acoem developed the world’s first shaft alignment tool with integrated software that calculated measurement values with visible red laser and additional functionality, such as measurement of straightness, perpendicularity and parallelism.
We were pioneers in the use of touchscreens with icons and graphics for industrial instruments in the mid-1990s and introduced wireless sensors in the mid-2000s. We have continued to design and manufacture cutting-edge, user-centric alignment solutions that require minimal set-up time and utilise application software that empowers mechanics and maintenance teams. We remain committed to focusing on digitalisation, ease of use and accessibility for our customers worldwide.

Applications that benefit from Acoem laser shaft alignment tools

Consumer products
Energy, oil & gas

Acoem works with industries around the world to enhance operational productivity and minimise machinery downtime for virtually every kind of rotating machinery, including motor pumps; machine trains; gearboxes; compressors; blowers; separators; centrifuges; agitators; and Cardan shafts. Our precision laser alignment tools are used in the following main sectors.

Acoem range of shaft alignment tools

Accessibility, connectivity and ease of use are key areas we focus on to continually improve your user experience. 

We offer a range of precision laser shaft alignment tools and packages to suit a variety of applications, budgets and expertise, from simple entry level, no frills devices to augmented mechanics Cloud-based connected systems.

NXA PRO & NXA Ultimate — fast & easy operation with advanced functionality & capabilities, including geometric measurements

AT-200 smart alignment for the Industry 4.0 professional

Part of the Acoem augmented mechanics ecosystem, with an integrated system of wireless digital sensors, connected mobile devices & apps for shorter response time between machine failures & corrective actions.

Advantage of including Acoem laser shaft alignment equipment in your maintenance & commissioning procedures 

  • Make informed decisions based on accurate, error-free measurements
  • Fast & easy set up & operation
  • Less unplanned downtime to optimise production
  • Reduce vibrations in shafts & foundation bolts
  • Lower machinery power consumption
  • Decrease wear & tear on bearings, seals, shafts & couplings
  • Avoid overheating of bearings & couplings
  • Minimise vibration in shafts & foundation bolts
  • Significantly reduce damage to shafts & foundation bolts
  • Extend the lifecycle of your critical machinery

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