Unrivalled diagnostics for continuous real-time vibration monitoring of low-speed rotating assets

Continuous online condition based monitoring makes evaluating the current condition of your low-speed rotating equipment and detecting abnormalities easy and efficient in real time. Moreover, it gives you the right data to take corrective measures to prevent machine failures. Preventative maintenance via continuous monitoring and event recording provides information on your equipment’s response to normal and emergency conditions and helps you coordinate machine specifications and ratings, determine limits and optimise facility operations.

Traditional versus online vibration monitoring for slow shaft, low & variable speed machinery

One of the main challenges with performing condition monitoring on large assets with slow turning bearings is that the energy generated from a potential defect is often too weak to be detected by traditional vibration measurements. Other difficulties include possible non-stationary operating conditions, low kinetic energy and increased distance from fault to transducer. These pose a critical problem for high value assets, such as drilling machinery, grinders, mining equipment, rollers, wind turbine rotors, and helicopter swash plates. An undetected bearing fault can shut down production, disrupt service, cause delays, reduce productivity or result in a safety hazard.

Reliable condition monitoring results for this type of equipment are only possible using high resolution data and advanced vibration analysis tools. The right solution will also reduce operational and maintenance costs associated with bearing faults. Acoem’s range of online condition monitoring equipment, including remote sensors, software and automatic diagnostics, provides unrivalled fault detection at a very early stage — giving you the information you need to make immediate decisions. We have designed our online vibration systems specifically for continuous multi-channel monitoring of your critical rotating equipment.

All Acoem online condition monitoring equipments seamlessly connect with Nest i4.0 software suite to harness the power of Acoem’s Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create a fully integrated predictive maintenance ecosystem. The latest diagnostics and maintenance recommendations will always be available in real time — no matter your location, anywhere worldwide.

The benefits of real-time monitoring

Condition based maintenance advocates continuous monitoring of machinery at periodic intervals, using various vibration indicators. Acoem goes even further, with the capacity to monitor indicators in real time, ensuring:

  • that no monitoring event will be missed (no gaps in data acquisition)
  • constant responsiveness 
  • the slightest anomaly is detected in real time
  • the ability to detect transient or spurious events
  • Pre-trigger functions to enable raw signals from just prior to the event.

Acoem’s real-time automatic diagnostic analysis of your vibration data is your key to eliminating operational risk 

At the forefront of industry 4.0, Acoem online condition monitoring equipments make capturing data easier for low-speed rotating machines as well as those that operate under variable process conditions — providing a system that intuitively records the right data at the right time to reliably analyse and predict failures.

Acoem MV series online condition monitoring equipments

Acoem offers solution that can effectively monitor vibration levels of slow and variable speed bearings on even the most complex industrial machinery:

Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, both provide:

  • Synchronous record of several rotations of low-speed shafts (<10RPM) can be performed on up 32 channels to improve bearing fault detection with the analysis of both low & high frequency content
  • Acoem Shock Finder™, a smart algorithm developed on real applications that makes fault detection automatic & visible on any enabled device
  • Up to 10 operating conditions that can defined by the operator using one or more process parameters
  • Data acquisition strategy, indicators and alarm thresholds that are automatically adapted according to each operating condition
  • Set stability parameters to ensure that each measurement is performed accurately
  • Statistical analysis, band kurtosis & smart filters
  • All post-processing indicators can be trended and help predict the evolution of the asset condition

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