Water monitoring

Water quality: It’s our shared responsibility

As industries become more concerned not just with monitoring water usage, but also the level of pollutants that may enter waterways as a result of their processes, they need to partner with the right water quality monitoring service organisation to ensure that they comply with government regulations and operate sustainably. Acoem is committed to being your trusted NATA-accredited partner in water quality monitoring.

The importance of compliance

Government regulations require monitoring of:

  • Environmental health of ecosystems, fauna & flora
  • Human health & disease prevention
  • Water balance to monitor rainfall, evaporation & human usage
  • Industries to assess internal controls, regulated controls, process quality &discharge.

The delivery of water quality monitoring programs is a complex and specialised field demanding experience, technical knowledge and customer understanding.

Our capabilities

At Acoem, our water sampling capabilities focus on:

  • Groundwater
  • Surface water
  • Potable water
  • Wastewater

Mobilisation for water sampling

Combining experience with technology, Acoem’s water sampling service is structured to systematically program sampling operations for customers. A team of specialist field technicians trained in NATA-accredited field monitoring procedures will work with your site project managers to deliver a reliable, cost-effective system in accordance with strict regulatory standards.

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