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Aerosols — whether created by natural sources like volcanic eruptions, forest fires, gas-producing plants, microalgae, sea salt, and dust, or man-made, from vehicle emissions, industrial incinerators, fossil fuel power plants, fireplaces, and deforestation — can have devastating effects on air quality, visibility, and human health.

Measuring the source and concentration of these tiny solid or liquid particles suspended in the air is essential to protecting the earth from climate impact – including temperature and precipitation. 

While we may not have the ability to control natural sources, we do have the power to reduce aerosols that are derived anthropogenically.

Acoem has been at the forefront of aerosol monitoring for more than four decades, working with industry, government agencies, and the research sector to help better understand and manage aerosols.

Aurora™ Integrating Nephelometer series

Atmospheric scientists and environmental agencies around the world rely on our range of Aurora™ integrating nephelometers for studying the amount of light scattered by aerosol particles.

Aurora™ nephelometers are used extensively for determining ambient visibility and PM2.5 concentrations and they have proven themselves to not only be accurate, flexible and easy to use, but also transportable and designed to cope with the demands of use in remote locations.

The Aurora™ range of integrating nephelometers consists of the following models and complementary instruments:

  • Aurora™ NE-100— The next generation Single wavelength for environmental compliance
  • Aurora™ NE-300— Next generation, versatile three wavelength with backscatter functionality
  • Aurora™ NE-400 Polar— Next generation flagship three wavelength measuring light scatter in 20 different segments.
  • Aurora 1000 Entry level single wavelength entry-level instrument
  • Aurora 2000Single wavelength nephelometer used to measure aerosol light scattering in conjunction with a Spirant™ BAM
  • Aurora 3000Simultaneous measurement across three wavelengths, enabling wide and in-depth analysis of the interaction between light and aerosols. It integrates measurements of full scatter and backscatter, making it a perfect instrument for climate change research
  • Aurora 4000 – Polar nephelometer provides measurements of light scattering up to 18 user-selectable angular sectors, using varied backscatter shutter positioning to help determine the phase function of aerosols, which is crucial to climate research and modelling
  • ACS 1000 Aerosol Conditioning SystemUsed with most aerosol monitoring instruments, adjusting relative humidity with minimal particle loss to measure the effect of water uptake on the properties of aerosols
  • Low Dew Point Zero Air Generator Works perfectly with the inlet dryer of Aurora™ nephelometers and the ACS 1000 aerosol conditioning system 



Aurora™ is used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Aerosol light scattering research
  • Light scattering in remote locations
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Aircraft measurements
  • Visibility
  • Vehicle/automobile.

Met One Aerosol Research Instruments

Studying climate science related to air quality is critical, considering the global challenges we face with air pollution and carbon emissions. Testing air quality and capturing environmental parameters is the first line of defense in understanding how to combat global warming and the subsequent climate crisis.

With Acoem’s acquisition of Met One, the possibilities for precise, efficient, and technologically advanced solutions for the capture and analysis of critical air quality data are limitless.

BAM 1022

BAM 1020


Dekati Aerosol Research Instruments

Dekati has nearly 30 years of experience in providing high-end aerosol research instrumentation and sample conditioning solutions to universities, research institutes, and laboratories worldwide. Dekati® Instruments and sample conditioning systems have a long, exquisite track record of scientific publications.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is the official distributor for Dekati fine particle measurement instruments in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Dekati ELPI+ – Electrical low-pressure impactor for measuring real-time particle size distribution and concentration 
  • Dekati PM10 impactor – Three-stage cascade impactor for determining particle gravimetric mass size distribution
  • Dekati DLPI+ low-pressure impactor – 14-stage cascade impactor used to determine airborne particle mass size distribution.

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