Serinus Cal 300

Ozone Transfer Standard

The latest ozone photometer solution, Acoem Serinus® Cal 300 has been designed as a stand-alone Ozone Transfer Standard specifically for environmental applications. It includes a built-in ozone generator and internal zero-air source as well as a compact reference photometer, providing precise feedback control for accurate ozone generation and measuring in one unit. 


Precise readings
Measures & generates accurate ozone calibration levels (photometer accuracy: 1.0 ppb or 1 % of reading, ozone generator output 40 to 1000 ppb at 4 LPM).
Remote application dashboard
Bluetooth connectivity combined with the ‘Serinus® Remote’ Android App for remote programming, viewing, downloading & emailing.
Data storage
Data stored on a USB memory stick can be retrieved via RS232, USB interface or the optional ethernet connection.
Design flexibility
Allows users to perform inter-station calibrations without disrupting station plumbing
Programmable calibrations
Up to 16 sequences including 32 discreet points
Multitasking capabilities
Integral output gas manifold allows up to 4 instruments to be calibrated simultaneously

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Integrated technology solution

The Serinus®Cal 300 has an in-built ozone generator and internal zero-air source, as well as a compact reference photometer, providing accurate feedback control for exact ozone generation and measurement within a single device. Ozone generation and measurements are automatically corrected for gas temperature/pressure changes and can be displayed in units of ppm, ppb, μg/m3 or mg/m3.

Precision ozone calibration

Featuring the same high-quality measurement and calibration technology as the Serinus® Analyser and Calibrators range, the new Serinus® Cal 300 is a dedicated ozone transfer standard at a lower price than a fully-featured multigas calibrator. Via a feedback control algorithm, it enables output from the ozone generator so that a precise concentration of ozone is produced. This allows the Serinuss® Cal 300 to be used as a transfer standard for calibration of ozone analysers.


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Setting a new standard in calibration

Acoem is committed to continually innovating air quality monitoring instruments and systems to meet the demands of customers around the world, including research facilitiesenvironmental protection agencies, and industry. Our latest precision ozone calibration instrument, Serinus® Cal 300, enables customers to utilise the ozone transfer standard, without the inclusion of other calibration functions that may not be used. There is no compromise for quality and compliance, as the instrument also meets the requirements of US and Australian EPA for these applications.

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