Reliability consulting

More than a solution provider, Acoem is your total reliability partner

Reliability issues can significantly affect industrial performance, maintenance costs, operational efficiency, the health and safety of your workforce and the environment. Acoem is committed to adding value to your industrial maintenance processes and helping you harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 for your plant, factory or manufacturing facility with our targeted reliability consulting services.

Beyond vibration & rotating assets

Although we have garnered a global reputation for the technological excellence of our predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems in addition to AI-powered data analysis for rotating assets, Acoem is committed to extending its services beyond hardware and software, to offer you complete reliability solutions that are custom designed to meet your specific challenges now and in the future.

Contact our reliability consulting team to arrange your on-site reliability appraisal

Our holistic range of services include the assessment, diagnosis and management of:

Vibration analysis
Machinery balancing 
Acceptance testing
Environmental safety 
Occupational health & safety 
Risk assessment
Electrical audits
Skills audits
Leak (vapour & liquid) detection
Energy consumption 
Structural integrity 
Ultrasound & thermography
Oil analysis
Non-destructive testing.

Our personalised reliability consulting process

Before developing a thorough Industry 4.0 reliability improvement strategy, we assess how your current practices compare with reliability best practice. The first step is to engage with you and learn about your business. Our expert technical team will visit your site or multiple locations to fully explore your organisation, from the boardroom to the factory floor. Our total reliability appraisal includes a plant survey and gap/barrier analysis that ensures that we fully understand your priorities, pain points, risks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We dig deeper to implement the right changes, liaising with OEMs and machine manufacturers to gain superior knowledge of all your systems. 

This free* audit, conducted over a number of days will help us identify and prioritise:

  • What your critical assets are 
  • What challenges you are facing
  • Which solutions can be delivered (conventional or customised)
  • How implementing changes will benefit your business (impact on your KPIs)

The strategy we formulate and present to you will always be sustainable, consistent and scalable — with a prioritized action plan that will allow you to choose which elements to implement immediately or how you can further extend your planning in the future to consistently add value and make your reliability programs simpler and more efficient. We cover every aspect of your maintenance from infrastructure to staff competencies and governance to technology to make sure that all parts are aligned and can be integrated seamlessly into your operations. 

Our focus is on optimising your assets, leveraging technology and providing you with a detailed road map to reliability success.

Partner with Acoem to achieve measurable & quantifiable benefits

  • Greater efficiencies 
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimised risk
  • Lowered environmental impact
  • Upskilled staff
  • Improved safety
  • Ability to quantify the value add.

Centralised process management

When we recommend a reliability strategy, we take a multi-technical approach, managing the technology sourcing, installation, commissioning and ongoing operation, using techniques that complement existing Acoem solutions. 

Our team is made up of expert reliability engineers and technicians who are accredited to detect a wide variety of maintenance and operational issues, including technical referents who are certified in thermography and ultrasound detection, with detailed knowledge of their benefits and applications. If we identify a particular challenge and do not have in-house staff that can perform the work, we engage expert local service partners and have formed close working relationships with providers around the world. 

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