Advisor diagnostic services

Customised remote diagnostics for vibration monitoring & analysis

Acoem Advisor is a scalable, subscription-based service that gives you and your business a flexible maintenance program solution for vibration analysis. Providing advanced remote diagnostics, the ability to choose the frequency and method of monitoring and a tailored approach to your machinery, we will help you protect the health of your rotating machinery and increase productivity.

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Data collection
Forecast and make informed decisions

Tailored solutions based on your immediate & future needs

To get the most benefit from our Advisor service, we start the process by getting to know you, your business and your critical equipment. Our Advisor technical team will spend 1-2 days conducting a criticality analysis and surveying your work environment — over one or multiple sites — to provide you with the best possible solution. 

Together we will determine which machines are essential to your manufacturing or production, what combination of monitoring and analysis will optimise your operations and which monitoring equipment or combination of sensors would work best. We compile our hands-on research to create an integrated monitoring strategy that best suits your needs and we also help you define which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you would like to use as the way to measure the value of the monitoring program.

The Advisor team will custom design a dashboard interface for you that will include:

  • A traffic light colour-coded display of each machine’s performance & measurements
  • Your agreed KPIs & how you are tracking against them
  • Statistics regarding the criticality of particular maintenance activities, what has been performed & what remains outstanding
  • Alarms to alert you of any anomalies 
  • Continuous oversight over how Advisor is adding value to your maintenance program.

“Think of Advisor as your remote KPI surveillance system. The service we provide is a performance contract that outlines our commitment to simplifying and improving the condition monitoring process for all your rotating machinery.”

Your machinery, your choice

The way you monitor and how often is up to you — you decide when and how we provide our expertise. We can send a technician to your site to conduct measurements, we can automatically collect your vibration data remotely or you can perform the monitoring in-house and upload the data to your remote interface via any enabled device. 

Our team of technical experts combined with the power of Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence will perform remote diagnostic analysis of your critical machinery based on the data captured from Acoem’s Eagle wireless monitoring or the Falcon handheld analyser to provide you with detailed information about your machine’s condition, assessing risks and highlighting recommended next steps for implementation.

Monitoring expertise available around the clock

An Advisor service contract gives you access to our team of expert technicians at any time. 

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Beyond your rotating machinery

If you are looking to get a complete overview of your operations and assess every aspect of your machines’ performance to improve your overall maintenance management, Acoem’s reliability consulting may be the solution. In addition to vibration analysis, we also conduct machine testing, balancing, risk assessment, oil analysis, thermography and a multitude of technology-based analysis functions.

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