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From a family business to globally trusted brand

We’ve come a long way since engineer Robert Dal Sasso and his wife Judy began working out of his basement in suburban Melbourne, Australia. What started out as a decision to import data loggers from the United States in the mid-1970s became Ecotech, a company that solved problems and designed solutions to help thousands of environmental agencies, government authorities, researchers, and industries worldwide.

The family run company was a true pioneer in air quality monitoring and Robert was a visionary when it came to anticipating new technology, identifying industry trends and travelling to remote parts of the planet to see Ecotech monitoring systems commissioned and operational. Ecotech was always positioned at the forefront of change, innovation, and strategic decision making. The tradition continued under the leadership of Robert and Judy’s son Nicholas Dal Sasso, who took over the reins of the business in 2012. 

The Acoem era – synergies, partnerships & growth

With a heavy emphasis on precise data and the research and development of our own range of sensors, analysers, calibrators, samplers and loggers — designed and manufactured in Australia and India — Ecotech became the instruments of choice of leading atmospheric research networks and global scientists, garnering a global reputation for reliability and excellence in the field or lab. 

By 2017, Ecotech caught the attention of the Acoem Group — a global company that helps organisations find the right balance between progress and preservation by safeguarding businesses and assets, and maximising opportunities while conserving the planet’s resources.

In 2021, Ecotech became known as Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) – the Australian and Asia-Pacific arm of Acoem. The merger between the two companies brought together two proven innovators in science and engineering who shared a mission to improve environmental, productivity and regulatory outcomes for government agencies, industries, and communities around the world. 

Today, the combined strength of Acoem is reflected in its 900+ employees working across 28 offices, 6 manufacturing facilities, and 5 R&D centres in 11 countries. Together with its 200+ distributors, Acoem delivers trusted, holistic data solutions through unrivalled, interoperable AI-powered sensors and ecosystems that empower customers in nearly 100 countries to make enlightened decisions based on accurate information.

We are truly creating environments of possibility.


Acoem Australasia specialises in three core areas

Environmental monitoring solutions
Including air quality, continuous emissions, noise & vibration, water, blast, dust & tunnel atmosphere.
Industrial reliability solutions
Including laser shaft alignment, vibration monitoring & reliability consulting.
Service, repair & calibration
Monitoring instruments including Acoem & non-Acoem branded equipment.

A local team by your side

Solving problems is in our DNA. It’s what we’re about. Our local Acoem Australasia teams are prepared at all times to provide world-class solutions for environmental monitoring across the region.

Your total reliability partner

Reliability issues can significantly affect industrial performance, maintenance costs and operational efficiency. More importantly, they can negatively impact the health and safety of your workforce and the environment.

Acoem Australasia is committed to adding value to your industrial maintenance processes and helping you harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 for your plant, factory or manufacturing facility with our targeted reliability consulting services.

We have a global reputation for technological excellence in easy-to-implement predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and AI-powered data analysis for rotating assets. But our services extend far beyond hardware and software. Our locally based Australasian team of reliability specialists offers you complete reliability solutions that are custom designed to meet your specific challenges now and in the future.

Get in touch to find out how we can improve the productivity and lifecycle of your critical machinery.


Helping businesses find the right balance

As the Australian and Asia-Pacific arm of Acoem, Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is focused on helping organisations find the right balance between progress and preservation, by safeguarding businesses and assets, and maximising opportunities while conserving the planet’s resources. We also deliver unrivalled, interoperable AI-powered sensors and ecosystems that empower our customers to make enlightened decisions based on accurate information. 

We offer class-leading solutions in the form of Acoem branded and partner instrumentation; mobile & fixed measurement technologies; integrated software and Cloud capabilities for data storage, processing, reporting and analysis; technical expertise for implementing one-off or ongoing monitoring projects; and globally accredited service and calibration.

Acoem’s environmental monitoring solutions empower governments, industries and communities to:

  • Adhere to government regulations
  • Protect businesses & workers
  • Improve quality of life for communities
  • Advance environmental research
  • Connect & share precise data.

Environmental monitoring

We offer our customers a complete range of integrated measurement technologies and services, ensuring that your data is always accurate and your equipment operates with maximum efficiency.

Led by a strong leadership team

Acoem Australasia's management team is strategically guiding and empowering organisations to find the right balance between progress and preservation. Their collective goal is to safeguard businesses and assets and maximise opportunities - while conserving the planet’s resources.

A brief timeline

⇒ 1973
Robert & Judy Dal Sasso started an analogue equipment servicing business


⇒ 1976
Ecotech was established


⇒ 1978
First distribution of air quality monitoring analysers


⇒ 1983
Commercialisation of our first data logger


⇒ 1989
Ecotech employed 10 staff


⇒ 1992-94
Branches opened throughout Australia; exported to India, Mexico, Colombia & Malaysia


⇒ 1995
Won first contract to supply air quality data reports


⇒ 1999
Manufactured the EC9800 range & received NATA ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for air quality & emissions monitoring systems


⇒ 2007
Staff grew to 100+


⇒ 2008
Inducted into the “Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame”; partnered with Hebei Sailhero to manufacture gas analysers in China


⇒ 2009
Released the signature Serinus
® range of ambient gas analysers & the Aurora™ series of integrating nephelometers; exports grew to 60+ countries


⇒ 2011
Won Governor of Victoria Innovation Excellence Award; partnered with Prof. David Griffith & the University of Wollongong to manufacture the Spectronus™ greenhouse gas & isotope analyser


⇒ 2012
Nicholas Dal Sasso became Managing Director; acquired Alstom’s chemistry & environmental business


⇒ 2013
Won Australian Export Awards: Environmental Solutions


⇒ 2014
Launched operations in India (Ecotech Industries Pvt Ltd)


⇒ 2015
Acquired Ecotech Monitoring Solutions in Hyderabad, India


⇒ 2017
Joined the Acoem Group & became part of its Environment division; exported to 80+ countries


⇒ 2018
Acquired the laser alignment & condition monitoring arm of Statewide Bearings to form Acoem Industrial Reliability Australasia

⇒ 2021
Changed our trading name from Ecotech to Acoem Australasia.

4500+ assets monitored


international airports


wind turbines


Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS)


93+ local contacts


local experts, 24/7


Maintenance distributors


Environment distributors


Government and community partnerships

Our solutions in action

Industries & sectors serviced 

  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Extractive Metallurgy
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Ports
  • Power & Utilities
  • Tunnels, Roads & Transport
  • Water

A Vibrant Work Culture

If you love solving problems, you’ll love working at Acoem Australasia. We’re a team of ‘problem solvers’ partnering with our customers to truly understand their needs and provide optimal solutions. We’re always looking for curious people with agile, inquiring minds who are willing to take on new challenges.

You & Acoem Australasia: The perfect fit

If you’re a team player with the right attitude, your next career move could be with us.

Safety and Quality

Safety is the key to all we do

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