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Mining, construction and industrial processes can significantly impact the environment, predominantly through excessive dust emissions and vibration levels that can migrate to neighbouring areas. Depending on the application, these emissions can not only adversely affect flora, fauna and waterways, but they can also be detrimental to the health of site workers and populations that live, work and undertake recreation activities nearby. Acoem dust monitoring equipment provides an effective risk mitigation solution for a variety of applications, while our blast monitoring equipment is an integral part of safety procedures at mine and construction sites around the world.

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Over 40 years of dust & blast monitoring expertise 

Acoem has been at the forefront of dust and blast monitoring solutions for more than four decades, continually investing in research and development to ensure that we provide our customers around the world with efficient and user-friendly technology coupled with real-time accurate data and the expertise of our team of scientists and engineers.

All our dust monitoring equipment and blast management systems have been designed based on industry specifications, the need to comply with local and international environmental regulations, and more importantly, the safety of your workforce, the natural environment and populations who may be affected.

Acoem dust monitoring equipment and blast monitoring equipment are suited to the following applications:

Underground mines
Surface mining
Rock blasting
General blasting operations
Construction sites
Hazardous sites

Why dust monitoring is so important

Dust as a form of air pollution is exacerbated by human activities such as mining, construction and industrial processes. It is made up of particles that can vary in size from visible to tiny and undetectable by the human eye. The smaller the particle, the longer it remains in the air and the further it can travel.

While large dust particles can be ingested through the nose or mouth, they can generally be breathed out or swallowed without causing harm. Smaller dust particles known as particulate matter (PM2.5 to PM10) are more likely to penetrate into the lungs and ultrafine particles can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
This makes long term exposure to dust particularly hazardous, while even short periods of contact can lead to ongoing health issues.

If left uncontrolled, dust can become a significant health and safety problem, including:

  • Eye irritation 
  • Skin & respiratory tract damage
  • Asthma attacks
  • Lung diseases like silicosis, pneumoconiosis (CWP), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) & lung cancer
  • Lowering of life expectancy.
& Blast

Dust monitoring equipment

Acoem offers a variety of fixed and mobile remote dust measurement systems for use in any area where high levels of dust are prevalent due to industrial, construction of mining activities. Our monitoring instruments are designed to withstand even the harshest environment and climatic conditions.

Whether it is deep in a mine pit or on a city building site, excessive dust levels pose a rising challenge to the health and safety of workers and communities. Monitoring this constantly shifting particulate matter is critical. 

Learn more about our dust samplers, visibility monitors and real-time dust monitors that leverage LIDAR technology and find out how we can tailor our solutions to meet your individual site requirements. 

All Acoem solutions are fully integrated with our data storage and Cloud-based software platform which gives you access to your data and easy reporting functionality via any enabled device, no matter your location.

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Blast monitoring equipment

Designing and operating blasts are critical activities on construction, demolition, mining or quarry sites. Blast operations require highly reliable data capture and robust reporting capabilities. Acoem’s multilevel approach to total blast management ensures we are able to offer precise data and expert technical support at all times.

Whether the project is above or below ground, in a high-risk environment, companies need to continually maintain a traceable and defensible blasting position to guarantee safety for their workers, surrounding populations and the environment. 

Any blast failures can lead to operational downtime, licence suspensions or closures and tragically, even loss of life and environmental catastrophes if waste contaminates water sources.

With 100 % raw data capture rate, Acoem sets the benchmark for data accuracy and reliability. We offer a fully integrated blast monitoring equipment package for long-term rental or purchase, depending on your individual requirements. 

All our systems come with access to qualified, fully trained technicians in our Environmental Reporting Services (ERS) department who will manage your blast data remotely and automatically alert you to any anomalies and issues that need immediate rectification. 

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