Vibracord Tellus vibration meter

The ideal instrument for short-term mining/construction monitoring projects

Lightweight (3kg) and easily transportable, the IP-65 rated Vibracord Tellus vibration meter was designed as a stand-alone system for short-term monitoring of vibration levels in blast/demolition environments. Complementing our extensive blast monitoring product range, it makes capturing accurate localised vibration data simple and cost-effective on any project. With a built-in report generator that is user-customised to suit your individual needs, you can transfer your data securely via the FTP server or optional 4G communications.

Acoem Australasia is the exclusive distributor of the Vibracord Tellus in Australia and New Zealand and we provide support through our dedicated Acoem Environmental Reporting Services (ERS) team and expert field service engineers.


18cm (7”) TFT graphic screen with touch panel and 8-key membrane keyboard
User-friendly, intuitive touch panel and visual interface for full graphic visualisation of every record, even FFT
Powerful configuration options
Perfect control over vibration recordings
Up to 7 channels with multiple transducers configuration
One channel for low frequency sound pressure with FFT performed in the equipment itself, 2-250Hz frequency response
Measures in velocity with geophones
Other transducers and magnitudes like acceleration, pressure and voltage can also be measured
Flexible data capture
Including USB, web server, FTP server & automatic upload (SFTP)
Contained in its own carry case
Fully mobile and transportable

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Full functionality in even the harshest environmental conditions

The Vibracord Tellus comes in its own carry case and runs on either internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or a 12V power supply. It can be deployed quickly and easily in the field and comes standard with a certificate of calibration. Equipped with a triaxial geophone for measuring three vibration waves (vertical, transverse and longitudinal) and one linear microphone to measure air blast, it also accurately measures velocity, acceleration, pressure and voltage.

The meter’s GPS module provides position information and synchronises the clock of all the working equipment for precise timing analysis. A single unit can support up to seven channels as well as an additional seven ‘virtual channels’ and store up to 30,000 records.

Results are displayed in real time on the meter’s TFT graphic screen interface, and the optional communication module allows for remote access and unattended operation. Transfer the data captured by a variety of methods including USB, network and remotely via the internet. Notifications can be configured to notify you when programmable alert levels are exceeded.

Reporting made easy

The Vibracord Tellus lets you generate customised reports for occupational health and safety purposes, structural integrity analysis, regulatory compliance or transparent community engagement.

Select which standard you would like to use and include it in your reporting – analyse waveform, timing and amplitude values; perform the FTT in the desired part of the record; and apply mathematical functions to records as filters, integration and RMS. Calculate the distance-charge model with the data from previous records and personalise printed reports with your company’s logo and so much more.

Fully integrated blast monitoring ecosystem

Acoem has been at the forefront of dust and blast monitoring solutions for more than four decades, continually investing in research and development to ensure that we provide our customers around the world with efficient and user-friendly technology coupled with real-time accurate data and the expertise of our team of scientists and engineers.

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