The 5 point audit checklist to set your blast monitoring to the Australian industry standard

In an environment of increased regulations, public scrutiny and community expectations, it is crucial to set in place a traceable and defensible blasting position.

You need to ask yourself: 

Can I rely on my blast monitoring provider for 100% capture rate with 100% certainty?”

Do it yourself 5 point audit check-list:

Whether your project is above or below ground, on a construction, demolition, mining or quarry site or in a high-risk environment, a score of 5/5 is required for 100% capture rate and 100% certainty.

Our service provider has a proven track record capturing all blasts, every time
Our service provider has a 3rd party fully audited process for the capture and reporting of blasts
Our service provider can provide fully traceable and NATA accredited onsite calibrations quarterly
Our service provider has fully redundant off-site disaster recovery capability
Our service provider conducts daily pseudo-blast downloads.

For multi-level assurance – Acoem Australasia sets the benchmark for blast monitoring.

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