Acoem 8302

Dilution Probe Controller and Pump Module

The Acoem 8302 dilution probe controller integrates with Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and common dilution probes. It is designed for unattended operation and features an automatic restart function in case of power failure or loss of instrument air.

The Acoem 8302 has a moisture failsafe interlock that automatically protects monitoring equipment in the event of sampling probe, probe temperature or dilution air failure. This prevents ingress of moisture into sample lines and analytical equipment.


Temperature control
Controls probe temperature and vacuum pump operation.
Alarm reporting system
Visual indication of critical alarms (vacuum, probe temperature, dilution air pressure and sample moisture).
Quality materials for accurate sampling
Chemically inert materials are used throughout the sampling system to prevent sample contamination including Teflon® lined diaphragm vacuum pump.
Operational reporting system
Visual indication of operating parameters including flow rate (calibration, dilution air and excess sample flow), vacuum gauge and temperature.
Safety valve
3-way valve from sample to vent in case of alarm.
Easy filter access
Front panel accessible filter.
Rack mountable
Designed to fit into any standard 19” lab rack.

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