ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA151 series

Portable gas analysers

There are two different models available in the ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA151 series of gas analysers:

  • GLA151-N2OCM QC portable nitrous oxide/carbon monoxide analyser that provides simultaneous and continuous measurements of nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and water vapour concentration in air flow
  • GLA151-N2OM1 QC portable methane / nitrous oxide analyser which measures methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour concentration in air flow.

Both come in a 51 cm (20”) × 61 cm (24”) × 20 cm (8”) compact, crushproof pelican case weighing 23 kg (53 lbs) with external power module. Pre-calibrated, they operate directly on low DC battery or AC power, its gas flow response time (1/e) with a standard internal vacuum pump is 8 seconds.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is an official representative and distributor of ABB LGR-ICOS™ gas analysers in Australia and New Zealand. ABB LGR-ICOS™ was formerly known as Los Gatos Research (LGR).


Continuous measurements
Data reported every second with high sensitivity 20 minutes after power is turned on
Sensitive, precise and accurate
Highly linear with a wide dynamic range
Multiple data outputs
WiFi, ethernet, USB, MIU connection (8/16 ports), Serial (RS-232) outputs available with internet access

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