Solutions built to last

Acoem is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of tunnel monitoring systems from its modern facility in the UK. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, our standards and quality procedures ensure our product range meets the needs of demanding tunnel environments. Below we take a look at some of the reasons why our monitoring solutions stand up to the statement ‘built to last’.

All of our core products have a rugged 316L Stainless Steel housing as standard, and an IP rated enclosure to keep the internal electronics safe. In addition to the stainless steel housing, tunnel monitors also feature a textured powder coated finish for extra protection from the corrosive atmosphere and recurrent tunnel cleaning.

Once manufactured and tested, Acoem’s monitors are supplied with a 24 month, return to base warranty. This warranty can also be increased to a total of 60 months at the point of ordering. Our skilled technicians are on hand to identify and repair faults or damage with a fast turnaround time to minimise disruption.

A benefit of the technology incorporated within the VICONOX, our combined visibility and gas monitor, is that there are no consumable parts. As the manufacturer we recommend the VICONOX’s gas and visibility measurement system is calibrated every 12 months. This can be performed in the tunnel without the need for bottles of calibration gas.

For preventative maintenance, we recommend a refurbishment is completed every 5 years of the monitor’s operational life. The refurbishment includes replacing all critical components; followed by a Re-Test and Re-Calibration. This service is available at our UK facility and performed by our team of technicians.

Monitors such as the AIRFLOW MkII, CROSSFLOW, LUMIOS MkIII and ILLIOS have been designed with no moving parts and are supplied pre-calibrated. These monitors do not require ongoing re-calibration and have a simple clean and check maintenance routine, allowing for long service intervals and low cost operation.

To support our tunnel monitors through installation, commissioning and long term operation, we have developed a range of options and accessories. These include calibration gas check cells and optical filters for the VICONOX. We also offer Over Voltage Protection units for the LUMIOS photometer, CTU, TSCU and TSCU-R, these units protect connected monitors from the transient spikes in the power supply.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the Acoem range or any of our accessories for your next tunnel project.

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