Tunnel sensors control unit rugged version

The TSCU-R is a central control unit designed for operation with compatible Tunnel Sensors instruments including the VICONOX, AIRFLOW-MkII and CROSSFLOW within the tunnel environment.


Connect up to 8 instruments on a single RS485 daisy-chain connection
Quick lock plug
Dedicated quick lock plug connections, with power, for two local instrument connections
Programmable digital outputs and isolated analogue outputs
RS485 output
Isolated RS485 (Modbus RTU) output
Screw terminals
Clearly marked DIN rail screw terminals
Optional output
Optional analogue output Over Voltage Protection for increased resilience against transient voltages

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Central control unit

The TSCU-R is a central control unit designed to be mounted in the tunnel bore but at a level and location that is more accessible than most monitor installations high up on the tunnel wall. The TSCU-R’s on board USB socket enables a laptop computer with Tunnel Sensors utility software to communicate with the monitors.

The TSCU-R can connect with up to eight monitors on a common RS485 communication bus, gathering all available readings in real time using a single daisy chain cable connection. It can then present the data to the tunnel SCADA or ventilation control system using a range of onboard interfaces including Digital Relays, Current Outputs and Modbus RTU serial communication.

With an enclosure made from stainless steel that provides IP67 rated ingress protection, the TSCU-R is a dedicated communication hub designed for harsh tunnel environments.

Benefits of the TSCU-R

  • Rugged design to withstand corrosive atmospheres and regular tunnel washing
  • High quality 316 stainless steel construction ensuring a long service life
  • Enhanced over-voltage protection on AC power supply and Modbus RTU connections
  • External USB and PC Utility software for easy communication with monitors high up on the tunnel wall.


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Communication and control systems

The TSCU-R can connect and communicate with up to eight compatible instruments presenting the gathered data to the tunnel SCADA or ventilation system.

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