Combined termination unit

The CTU is the latest development within the Acoem product range, designed to provide a robust yet versatile solution for local instrument connections.


Unité de terminaison murale
Wall mounted termination unit available with or without a power supply
Stainless steel
316 stainless steel construction
Ingress protection
IP67 ingress protection
Multiple communication connections
Five pre-installed cable glands for multiple communication connections

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The CTU is a rugged, wall mounted termination unit designed for installation alongside compatible Acoem instruments. Due to the diverse tunnel power and communication requirements, the CTU adopts a modular design philosophy. Enclosures and terminal packs are offered separately so customers can specify and purchase the precise configuration required for their application.

The CTU is available with and without an onboard power supply along with a range of terminal packs including sacrificial OVP terminals. Enclosures are manufactured from stainless steel which provide IP67 rated ingress protection. Enclosure lids benefit from quick release catches and a security lock screw to prevent unintended access.


  • Rugged design to withstand corrosive atmospheres and regular tunnel washing
  • Terminal packs are available separately allowing customers to buy the precise configuration to suit the application
  • The optional power supply can provide 24Vdc for up to two monitors
  • Din rail ready to accept terminals


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Make installation easier with the new CTU

The CTU is a rugged, wall mounted, fully customisable termination unit for installation alongside compatible Tunnel Sensors monitors, including the VICONOX, AIRFLOW-MKII and CROSSFLOW.

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