Acoem introduces exclusive range of vibration sensors & accessories for greater industrial monitoring accuracy

Preventative maintenance made easier

All Acoem-branded sensors, equipment and instruments are manufactured to Acoem specifications in the United Kingdom. Acoem industrial accelerometers, sensors and accessories play a vital role in accurate condition monitoring for all forms of rotating shafts and machinery.

The sensors are easily fitted to your machinery, and convert vibration into an electrical signal which feeds directly into our online system to identify early bearing, gear mesh coupling or other potential defects.

Sensors come in standard and premium models to suit a variety of budgets with a variety of different types and applications, including vibration only, vibration and temperature, temperature only, high temperature, line-drive, compact, low speed, and more.

All sensors come with a lifetime replacement warranty making them indispensable to your industrial machinery monitoring protocol.

All monitoring products at your fingertips

A comprehensive range of cables, connectors and accessories makes sensor installation and operation quick and simple. Cables and connectors come in a variety of lengths and sizes, and can be manufactured and supplied according to your machinery’s specific requirements.

“Our new range of vibration accelerometers and accessories has been designed with the customer in mind, and to integrate perfectly with our online monitoring systems,” commented Stephen Read, Acoem Australasian Reliability Manager.

“Because we carry all these products in stock, we can provide your business with everything you need to monitor your industrial machinery with the high degree of accuracy you have come to expect from Acoem,” he added.

From supplying the equipment to installing, commissioning, and providing ongoing service, Acoem delivers an unrivalled combination of product quality and reliability, prompt delivery, competitive prices and outstanding customer and technical support across Australasia.

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