Superior hyperlocal air quality monitoring

AQMesh is a small-sensor monitoring system designed to measure air quality and provide real-time localised air quality information and data analysis.

Individually, or as a network of pods, AQMesh measures key pollutants in ambient air using the best small sensor technology combined with proprietary data processing based on extensive global comparisons with reference data. Its hardware platform comes with wireless power options, GPRS communication, cloud-based data processing and secure online access.

AQMesh is transforming the way smart cities and progressive organisations use the power of collective environmental monitoring to measure, report and meet air quality standards and regulations.

It’s easy to add, subtract or relocate individual AQMesh pods when and where you need them, providing scalability that can’t be achieved with fixed-site reference quality Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS) alone.

The measurement of air pollution at a hyperlocal level helps identify pollution hotspots and inform the design and assessment of mitigation measures. It also provides local information that enables citizens to participate in their own pollution reduction initiatives and make informed decisions such as where to walk, cycle, play and live.


Why choose AQMesh?

  • Winner of the 2019 AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge for highest accuracy multi-parameter product for outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Product life of at least five years compared to industry average of 12-18 months
  • Over 100 AQMesh pods used in the successful Breathe London project – winner of the Digital Transformation category in the 2019 SMART 50 Awards by Smart Cities Connect
  • Highest number of pollutant measurements offered within a single system, monitoring: NO, NO2, O3, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 plus temperature, pressure and relative humidity
  • Optional additional parameters include CO, H2S, SO2, CO2, noise, wind speed and wind direction

Small sensor technology

  • Superior design, manufacturing, installation & maintenance
  • Thousands of hours of real-world trials and placements in more than 30 countries
  • Practical, cost-effective and effective indoors & out