Accurate blast monitoring

100% Capture Rate:
100% Certainty*

Whether the project is above or below ground, on a construction, demolition, mining or quarry site, in a high-risk environment, you need to ensure that you continually maintain a traceable and defensible blasting position. Moreover, accurate blast monitoring improves blasting efficiency and helps organisations comply with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations

A robust and reliable monitoring system is integral to achieving 100% data capture and the ability to obtain results immediately after each blast event.

A score of 5/5 is required for 100% capture rate, 100% certainty.*

Fully integrated software ecosystem

Acoem’s blast monitoring system is available as a fully-integrated package for long-term rental with our expert team managing the provision of blast data remotely.

Blast data is continuously captured and supervised by a remote software package known as Dynamaster on our server at the Acoem Australasia Head Office in Melbourne.

Through Dynamaster you can view blast results, produce reports and interact with the server software via the Dynamaster web portal, all of which is managed by the expert Acoem Environmental Reporting Services (ERS) team.

Acoem Australasia Blast Network Provides:
• Private network for remote downloading
and control of monitors
• Two independent central servers, located in
Sydney & Melbourne (Australia)
• Two independent fibre connections, two
independent power feeds backed up by UPS
• Two independent SQL servers for data backup
• SMS messaging system to alert you if
monitors go offline
• Access to real-time data on website.

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Blast monitoring stations

The automated Acoem blast monitoring system includes a network of remote blast monitoring stations, made up of Dynamate® units. Each Dynamate® has a dynamic triggering program built into its software which allows you to identify one or more Early Warning Units (EWUs) – usually those closest to the blast epicentre – to act as the trigger source for other units.

Acoem Australasia Blast Monitors:
• Operate autonomously 24 / 7, using solar power
• Let you retrieve events up to 25 weeks after blast
• Ping continuously to ascertain operational
status — if they are offline, we know within minutes
• Trigger daily to test recording status &
download capability
• Inform customers of faults within 24 hours with
quick technician response times.

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