Achieve precision with the Acoem AT-400 high-end dual-axis shaft alignment system.

Its Dual Sweep method captures accurate measurements during shaft rotation, ensuring optimal alignment. Benefit from Dual Multipoint for diverse scenarios, capturing multiple points for precise calculations. Cloud connectivity streamlines report sharing, while the lifetime warranty underscores its reliability.

Trust the Acoem AT-400 for robust dual-axis sensors and unparalleled versatility. Explore various measurement programs for horizontal, vertical, flatness, and soft foot conditions.


Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical Measurements
Acoem M9 & S9 sensors excel in measuring both dimensions concurrently, offering comprehensive insights.
High Resolution
Achieve unmatched precision with a 0.001mm resolution, capturing even the smallest variations for analysis
Thinness and Lightness
The thinnest 2-axis sensors at 305g, ensuring easy integration and mobility.
Generous Measurement Range
Acoem M9 & S9 sensors cover up to 20 meters (65 ft) without compromising accuracy.
Thoughtful Design
Equipped with sliding covers, our sensors ensure product longevity and protection during storage.
Large Detector Excellence
A substantial 20x20 mm² size and 0.001mm high-resolution capability make this detector ideal for demanding measurement tasks.

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Dual precision at every turn: measuring methods for industry leaders

Discover precision like never before with our advanced measuring methods. Engineered to perfection, these techniques redefine accuracy in industrial alignment assessments.

  • Dual Sweep Method: Automated alignment evaluation for coupled machines, ensuring precision with every sweep. Take control by stopping data recording manually.
  • Dual Sweep Express Method: Effortless efficiency – data recording halts automatically when shaft rotation stops, streamlining the process.


  • Dual Multipoint Method: Unparalleled flexibility. Start measurements from any position, ideal for uncoupled shafts and non-rotatable machinery.
  • Dual Multipoint Express Method: Convenience meets accuracy. Automated measurements without compromise.
  • Tripoint Method: Meticulous precision. Record three manual points during shaft rotation for detailed alignment insights.
  • Tripoint Express Method: Seamlessly automated. Experience precision alignment assessment with automated ease.
  • Clock Method: Industrial wisdom in action. Three points, 180° rotation – a trusted technique for non-horizontal foundations and standalone shafts.
    At ACOEM, we redefine measurements for industry excellence. Elevate your operations with unmatched precision.

Optimal Performance and Precision: The Two-Axis Shaft Alignment Advantage

Two-axis shaft alignment is typically the best alternative in scenarios where precision alignment in both the horizontal and vertical planes is critical to ensure the optimal performance, reliability, and safety of rotating machinery. Here are some scenarios where two-axis shaft alignment is the preferred choice:

  • Complex Machinery: Machinery with multiple shafts, couplings, and components that require alignment in both horizontal and vertical directions benefit from two-axis shaft alignment. This includes systems with multiple gearboxes, pumps, or interconnected rotating elements.
  • Critical Applications: Industries with critical applications such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and medical device production often require the highest level of precision in alignment. Two-axis alignment ensures that the machinery operates with extreme accuracy.
  • Heavy Machinery: Large and heavy machinery used in construction, mining, or marine applications often require two-axis alignment to ensure stability and prevent misalignment-related failures.

GuideU™ Interface: revolutionizing 3D shaft alignment

Experience GuideU™ – the innovative 3D shaft alignment interface. With patented customization, intuitive icons, and vivid colors, measuring, aligning, and reporting become effortless.

Minimize human error and uncertainty in shaft alignment through realistic graphics and animated help screens. GuideU™ Interface represents a groundbreaking leap in 3D shaft alignment technology. Our proprietary and patented graphical user interface redefines precision, simplicity, and accuracy in the alignment process.

Key Features of GuideU™ Interface:

  • Customization: GuideU™ empowers users with a patented customization system. Tailor the interface to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless alignment experience every time.
  • Icon-Driven Design: Our innovative icon-driven design transforms complex alignment tasks into intuitive actions. Easily navigate through the alignment process, regardless of your expertise level.
  • Color-Coded Display: Visual clarity is paramount in shaft alignment. GuideU™ employs a sophisticated color-coded display system that enhances differentiation and understanding, promoting error-free alignment.
  • Realistic Machine Graphics: Immerse yourself in true-to-life machine graphics that simulate real-world conditions. Gain a comprehensive understanding of alignment requirements without the need for guesswork.
  • Animated Help Screens: Eliminate uncertainty with animated help screens that guide you through each step of the alignment process. Minimize the risk of human error and increase alignment accuracy.

Lifetime Warranty – Your Product, Our Commitment, Forever!

Experience the unparalleled advantage of a lifetime warranty with the ACOEM AT-400. Our commitment extends beyond just a product, offering customers exceptional tranquility and enduring dependability. This dedication to excellence mirrors Acoem’s unwavering belief in the robustness and proficiency of this state-of-the-art shaft alignment system.

Acoem Cloud – Seamless Cloud Connectivity

With the help of cloud connectivity, the Acoem AT-400 makes it easy for users to send alignment reports to Acoem’s special website. This keeps data organized and lets you access alignment records for checking and comparing whenever you need. Just by tapping a button, technicians can quickly send their alignment reports straight to the website, making their documentation process super smooth.

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