Next-generation digital line laser system redefining precision and productivity in measuring methods.

Welcome to the future of laser measurement technology with the Acoem AT-300, the next-generation digital line laser system engineered for exceptional performance. With extensive software functionality, a streamlined user interface, and intelligent sensor technology, the Acoem AT-300 is designed to revolutionize your experience across various applications.

At the heart of the Acoem AT-300 lies a commitment to excellence in various measuring methods. Our cutting-edge technology ensures swift and accurate results, enhancing both performance and precision. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise measurements every time.




Next-gen laser
Cutting-edge laser system for advanced measurement and precision
Software power
Offers a wide range of software capabilities for versatile applications
User-Friendly interface
Simplified and efficient interface for user convenience and productivity
Smart sensors
Incorporates intelligent sensors for accurate and efficient data collection
Outstanding performance
Delivers exceptional results, setting a high standard for measurement technology

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Introducing the next generation of sensors: Acoem M10/S10

Revolutionize your data acquisition processes with our state-of-the-art M10/S10 sensors. These third-generation sensors are set to redefine the industry standards with their optimized power usage and an expanded measurement range that goes beyond expectations. Get ready to unlock unparalleled capabilities in data collection, all thanks to our cutting-edge, high-performance technology.

  • Enhanced Performance: At the heart of the Acoem M10/S10 sensors lies a commitment to delivering exceptional performance. We have taken a significant leap forward in sensor technology by reducing power consumption without compromising on accuracy. With these sensors, you can expect a significant boost in efficiency and reliability in your data acquisition endeavors.
  • Extended Measurement Range: The Acoem M10/S10 sensors boast a remarkable 15-meter measurement range, making them perfect for applications where accurate distance detection is crucial. Whether you’re monitoring industrial processes, automating machinery, or ensuring safety in your workspace, these sensors have the reach and precision you need.
  • Advanced Software Capabilities: In addition to their impressive hardware features, our Acoem M10/S10 sensors now come equipped with extensive software capabilities. This means you can fine-tune your data acquisition processes to meet your specific requirements.
  • Versatile Applications: Our Acoem M10/S10 sensors are designed to excel in a wide range of industries and applications, these sensors provide the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility needed to tackle any task. You can count on them to deliver consistent, high-quality data, no matter the

Introducing the ACOEM Alignment Display: unparalleled sunlight readability and rugged performance

When it comes to industrial displays, you need a device that can stand up to the harshest conditions while providing exceptional performance. The ACOEM Alignment Display is the answer to your rugged display needs. With a range of features designed to excel in tough environments, this 8-inch capacitive multi-touch display is a game-changer in the industry.

  • Sunlight-Readable: Enjoy clear visibility in bright conditions with Gorilla Glass.
  • Rugged Performance: IP67 rating ensures waterproof and dust-tight operation.
  • Extreme Temperatures: Operates flawlessly from -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F).

Upgrade to the ACOEM Alignment Display for reliability in any environment.

Advanced software functionality and user-friendly interface

Boost your productivity and efficiency with the extensive software functionality of the AT-300. Whether you need comprehensive assistance, real-time interaction, support, or detailed PDF reports, the AT-300 has you covered. Our commitment to innovation means you’ll always have access to the latest tools and features to stay ahead in your field.

AT-300 featuring the core of Acoem expertise in alignment technologies :

Acoem GuideU™
Effortlessly navigate through our user-friendly interface, GuideU™, designed to make it a breeze to follow and understand.
Acoem True Live™
Real-Time Positioning and Reporting with Acoem True Live™ Feature. Get the position of both the shafts in real-time with Acoem True Live™ feature, ensuring accurate and timely measurements.
Acoem Cloud
Centralize and share your reports with your team, consolidate your plant’s alignment status, and assign alignment work orders to team members.

Measurement Methods

  • Clock™ Method: Machinery positions are calculated using three points with a 180° rotation.
  • TRIPOINT Express™ Method: This method seamlessly incorporates the Tripoint approach, offering the advantage of fully automated measurements throughout the process.
  • Tripoint™ Method: Alignment conditions are calculated by taking three points while rotating the shaft at least 60°, with all points taken manually.
    Multipoint Method: This function enables measurement initiation from any position on the rotation, allowing recording of multiple points for optimized calculations. Ideal for turbine and sliding bearing applications.
  • Multipoint Express Method: Our method follows the classic Multipoint method approach, but with the advantage of automated measurements for greater convenience

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