The EXO – A Smart Alignment System Certified for Work in Hazardous Areas

The EXO is developed for keeping machines aligned in hazardous areas, thus keeping your machines and maintenance workers safe, and the production undisturbed. With the characteristic graphical user interface, GuideU, which distinguishes it from any other alignment system on the market, the user has access to industry-first user-friendliness with EX/ATEX certification.

The EXO is an EX/ATEX certified package with two smart sensors and an Android-based tablet with 8” in screen size. The smart sensors are rugged, rated water, and dustproof (IP65).

The EXO is an advanced alignment system that performs horizontal and vertical alignment and includes the pre-alignment tools Softcheck™, Feetlock™, and Target values.

– The EXO , which is a user-friendly alignment system with an EX/ATEX certification, completes the Acoem product line. It has the same graphical user interface, GuideU, as other Acoem products, an industry-first user-friendliness in many aspects, says Hans Svensson, CEO Acoem.

The industry-first features VertiZontal Moves™, True Live, and Screen Flip are all available in the EXO and will help the user to proceed with his work without any guesswork and finish it with no time wasted.

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