Nest i4.0 v.1.7: Connecting the power of Acoem AI to your digital factory

Nest i4.0: An evolution based on innovation

Acoem has been offering its customers automated software analysis tools for its vibration sensors for more than two decades. It first introduced Nest i4.0 in 2017 as the next generation of condition monitoring software. Its primary purpose has always been to provide vibration analysis and condition monitoring users, not just world-class experts, with the best industry 4.0 has to offer — an accessible, easy and intuitive solution powered by Accurex Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Over the course of the next three years, each update to Nest i4.0 has brought significant benefits to operators of two of our signature vibration measurement solutions – the Falcon portable analyser and the Eagle wireless solution — and now, we have added the benefit of full connectivity.

The release of version 1.7 in May 2021 represents a giant leap forward in terms of diagnostic capabilities, connectivity, improved performance, better management of risk and greater flexibility.

Accurex’s real-time automatic diagnostic matrix: Now available using Eagle wireless data

The AI diagnostic matrix is perhaps Nest’s most innovative and user-friendly feature, and one that will change the way you manage your machinery’s maintenance forever.

The matrix provides instantaneous results – outlining where the fault is, which machine is affected and what the actual fault is – all in real time. This ground-breaking new feature gives you the ability to understand the health status and faults detected on your asset in a single screen, so you can make immediate informed decisions and take action on maintenance priorities without delay. It will save you significant time on periodic analysis and help your business avoid damage to your critical equipment.

The diagnostic matrix can now be automatically populated from measurement data captured from both the Falcon portable analyzer and the wireless Eagle, bringing Acoem’s IoT capabilities to a heightened level of Industry 4.0 and creating greater environments of possibility for your maintenance strategies.

Integrated connectivity with your digital factory systems

Traditionally, Maintenance and Product Operations departments have been quite separate with each running their own programs and software. In this new era of total connectivity, your business will be able to take full advantage of shared insights and data to improve performance and efficiency.

Not only will Nest i4.0 lessen the risk of unexpected machine failures, but it will also keep your production schedule consistent between work areas and allow your Maintenance team to correlate its information with Operations data. One open automated platform ensures streamlined performance.

Nest i4.0 version.1.7 removes all barriers to enhanced performance, giving customers the ability to share their data in real time with full connectivity and easy integration with your existing data server, whether that is via a standard OPC UA or by automatic export in CSV format. Configuration includes “TAG” fields which can be used to help connect with other third-party big data systems such as CMMS, ERP, SCADA, etc.

You can customise which machines’ data you require, at which intervals, and where you would like to publish that data. Being able to communicate in this open format is a huge benefit for Acoem customers. All data, alarms, raw signals, parameters and diagnostics produced by the Reliability department can be shared between different areas of the business in any digital factory system, smart manufacturing or big data program.

The only predictive maintenance & diagnostic tool you will ever need

These advances take Nest software to the next stage, fully leveraging AI so whether you want to understand the resonance of a motor, detect a bearing defect or prevent a gearbox damage, the superior diagnostics from Accurex is your guarantee of a holistic and actionable solution.

“We are excited about the possibilities the newest version of Nest i4.0 will bring to our customers as they further explore the true capabilities of Artificial Intelligence,” commented Vincent Muller, CEO, Acoem Maintenance.

“As with all Acoem solutions, our focus is on the added value we can bring to your data, empowering you to take action sooner and improve your business’s capabilities and productivity,” he added.

If you would like to learn more, and are an existing Falcon and Eagle customer, please speak with your local Acoem sales manager or distributor to find out how you can upgrade your current Nest system. Or begin your holistic Acoem solution journey by contacting us.

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