Acoem is revolutionizing the vibration monitoring market !

As a specialist in acoustic and vibration monitoring, Acoem rounds off its product line (FUSION, and CUBE) with, for the first time in its history, a terminal for monitoring environmental vibrations: the ORION Smart Vibration Monitoring Terminal!

ORION offers an unrivaled combination of technologies covering all vibrations created by human activity in the environment (construction sites, transport, etc.). With its advanced features, (built-in sensor, 3G modem, Wi-Fi, GPS), ORION provides a perfect measuring system in line with its other Acoem products. Acoustic and vibration monitoring with ORION reduces the risk of damage to structures, limits discomfort to the individual and protects sensitive equipment.

Does your site need acoustic and vibration monitoring?
Acoem offers you the simplest and most efficient system on the market.

To learn more about ORION, the smart vibration monitoring terminal, please contact us.

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