Precise, Accurate and Convenient On-site alignment for critical machinery, in the most demanding conditions

Customer: Confidential

Country: India

Application: Mining

The Challenge

One of our customers, a market leader in Heavy Engineering equipment services, wanted onsite support for an alignment project. They were installing a heavy earth mover for material handling, which was critical to port operations; that too in the remote regions of Eastern India.

Under normal circumstances alignment usually refers to shaft alignment, but in this case, the client wanted geometric alignment, which includes flatness and bore alignment. Besides this, the project presented a multitude of challenges.

At one end, the geometric alignment was required at multiple positions and at different heights, ranging from 1 mt. to 10 mts. This variable execution height mandated that we plan an innovative execution methodology to tackle safety risks, movement and mobility.

The Solution

The complex nature of this project and the ticking timeline during a pandemic, gave us a unique opportunity to showcase our immense capabilities. In fact the expert Acoem team was an ideal choice for this project because of its successful experience of similar past projects.

Traditionally this type of project employs a “hit and miss” method which required a piano wire and spirit level, where a stuffing box or wearing bores were used as reference points. But this was difficult to set up and measure, while being time consuming.

That is why we employed the Acoem NXA Ultimate, a laser-based measurement system which significantly reduced the time taken for bore and flatness measurement. More importantly, it delivered precise results with automatic reports for documentation and compliance.

The Outcome

The Acoem team was able to complete the project well before the deadline and as per client expectations. In turn, the client was able to execute his project on time.

The benefits of the NXA Ultimate is the ability to change reference points allowing us to choose the optimal result/adjustment, greater accuracy, and most importantly, documentation that is required for modern day alignment work.

In many respects, the attributes of this new generation shaft alignment system and its versatility represent Acoem’s solutions-driven approach to business. We’ve built a reputation for delivering high-performance, flexible and value-based technical equipment solutions that don’t just suit our customers’ immediate needs but which are tailor-made to adapt to meet future circumstances.

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