Construction site risk mitigation using Acoem Noise, Vibration & Dust monitoring solutions

You wouldn’t visit a construction site without a safety helmet, boots and a high-visibility vest, so why take unnecessary risks when it comes to excessive or possibly negligent noise, vibration and dust?

Managing noise, vibration and dust is critical not only to protect your workers and the surrounding community, but it also the easiest and most cost-effective way to safeguard your operation against possible litigation. Whether it is a road tunnelling project, a new high rise or a refurbishment of a historic building or sensitive site (luxury hotel, server data centre, telecommunication hub…).

Going beyond compliance

Construction is in itself a noisy, dusty and disruptive activity, but one that is necessary to meet the needs of growing populations and expanding infrastructure. While most local governments have a set of standard regulations when it comes to controlling these parameters, ultimately the responsibility falls to the construction company to ensure that limits are not being exceeded and nearby populations and properties are not being unduly impacted.

Depending on where your site is located, you may not be legally required to use environmental measurement data for regulatory compliance, however the data has a far greater value. It is easy to analyse and can be viewed via an intuitively-designed interface on any enabled device – on site, back at head office or on the road. Automatic alarms triggered by anomalies will provide you with the information you need to maintain safety, boost productivity and avoid shutdowns.

Continuous or project-based accurate real-time monitoring on your site, whether mobile or fixed, gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions. It should be used as a tool to constantly assess your work schedule, implement changes to work practices and improve conditions to minimise breaches. With a public facing website, important lines of communication can be established with neighbours and stakeholders, helping you convey transparency and stay accountable for your site’s actions.

Legally defensible data

“Most importantly, the data can be used as a proven legal defence should neighbouring businesses, residents, agencies or even unions seek to challenge your operations due to perceived excessive levels of noise, vibration and/or dust,” commented Jacques Burillier, Acoem 01dB’s Head of International Sales.

“In fact, many of our customers are luxury hotels, cultural institutions and residential buildings – all of whom use our instruments’ data to ensure that nearby construction does not exceed reasonable standards nor adversely affect their property or patrons,” he added.

“Compared to the total budget of any major construction project, the dollar cost of environmental parameter monitoring is so miniscule, that it doesn’t make sense not to do it, especially if risk mitigation is one of your key priorities.”

Thirty years of international expertise

Part of the Acoem Group, 01dB has been designing, developing and commissioning a range of innovative noise, vibration and dust solutions to meet the changing needs of the construction industry around the world for more than 30 years. As experts in the field of limiting or avoiding exceedances in environmental disturbances, 01dB is committed to ensuring that its equipment and systems provide accurate and informative data for every application.

Want to know more?

For more information about the Acoemrange of integrated noise, vibration and dust monitoring solutions and how it can safeguard your construction site, please contact us or visit

by Acoem contributor | June 13, 2022
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