Dekati® Gravimetric PM10 Impactor

CEMS air particulate monitors

The Dekati® PM10 impactor is a three-stage cascade impactor for determining particle gravimetric mass size distribution. It has cut points of 10, 2.5 and 1 µm and some of the stages can be removed from the assembly to make setup easier if required.

The Dekati® PM10 impactor is an ideal choice for applications where information on particle size distribution is needed. Manufactured in stainless steel, it enables sampling at high temperatures and can endure heat up to 200 °C.

It fulfils all requirements set in ISO 23210 standard for determination of PM10 and PM2.5 mass concentrations from stationary sources.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is the official distributor for Dekati fine particle measurement instruments in Australia and New Zealand.



ISO 23210 compliant
For PM10 and PM2.5 measurements from stationary sources (option to add PM1)
Advanced calibration
Calibrated with aluminum and quartz fibre filters
Stainless steel construction for operation even in harsh environments
Can be heated up to 200 °C
Complete measurement setups
Available for both in-stack and out-stack measurements

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  • air quality measurements
  • power plant stack emission monitoring


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