Sintrol Oy S305QAL

CEMS dust emissions monitor

The Sintrol Oy S305QAL certified stack emissions dust monitor is approved for and is suitable for use on waste incineration and all combustion plant applications. The S305QAL1 comes with numerous features that make it a very reliable, low maintenance, sensitive and robust solution for stack measurements. Certified measuring ranges: 0…7.5 mg /m3, 0…15 mg /m3and 0…100 mg /m3.

Designed for measuring Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in airflow inside pipes and ducts and stacks, a signal is induced when moving particles pass by or hit the probe. Inductive Electrification Technology based on the Triboelectric AC signal minimises the influence of temperature drift, sensor contamination and velocity changes at a detection limit as low as 0.01 mg /m3.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is an official representative and distributor of Sintrol Oy CEMS and process dust monitoring products in Australia and New Zealand.


Meets the highest European standards
Certified to EN14181
Customise your parameters and measurement values
Measurement values available in mA, %, or mg / m3 on the 4-digit display
No alignment required
Removes measurement inaccuracy due to poor alignment
Low maintenance
No time-consuming cleaning or consumable spare parts
Rugged design
Built for harsh industrial conditions

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  • Waste incineration
  • All combustion plant applications


CEMS dust Monitors


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