Construction Site Monitoring for Noise, Vibration & Dust – Regulatory Compliance to Risk Mitigation

Developing new infrastructure, investing in major projects and constructing buildings is essential for cities and communities to continually progress and modernise. But the impact of that construction on people, property and the local environment needs to be taken into consideration.

Measuring noise, vibration and dust levels should be an integral strategy for every construction project. Data from a construction site noise, vibration and dust monitoring system is a powerful safety and risk mitigation tool you can use to constantly assess your work schedule, implement changes to work practices and improve conditions to minimise breaches and avoid potential litigation. It also opens up important lines of communication with neighbours and stakeholders, helping construction companies convey transparency, stay accountable and build trust with the surrounding community.

Acoem has been at the forefront of researching, developing and redefining noise, vibration & dust monitoring technology through its 01dB brand for more than 30 years. Our solutions help control or avoid negligent or excessive noise, vibration & dust and provide accurate predictive data to assist construction businesses in improving productivity while keeping their workers and local communities safe.

Please join us as we explore the importance of noise, vibration & dust monitoring at each phase of the construction cycle — from pre-project planning through construction to evaluation. Discover the benefits our technology and integrated solutions bring to construction sites, local communities and government authorities.

Date: Thursday, April 29th 2021

Time: 8:30 AM (CEST)

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