Palas Fidas® Frog

Portable dust measurement

The Palas Fidas® Frog is a battery-powered, portable fine dust measurement device with a detachable control panel, for outdoor, indoor and workplace measurements based on EN 481. It allows for a fast, reliable and quality-assured determination of fine dust within the scope of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) management at workplaces (exposure assessment), or in the range of indoor air quality measurements (e.g. for offices, public buildings such as schools, passenger compartments. It simultaneously measures the environmentally relevant mass fractions PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP as well as the particle number and the particle size distribution within the particle size range of 0.18 – 93 µm.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is the official distributor of Palas in Australia and New Zealand.


Compact and light weight design
Portable, hand-held monitor with either 8-hour battery life or mains power operation
On site calibration
Calibration can be checked and adjusted quickly and easily if necessary, under field conditions at any time using a monodisperse test powder
Uses trusted technology
Optical light scattering of single particles and equipped with a LED light source with high intensity (dp min = 180 nm) and the same sensor and the evaluation routines as the Palas Fidas® 200
Equipped with multiple parameter sensors
For environmental conditions, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity, Operates with a volume flow of 1.4 l/min
Multiple measurements
Particle measurement range from 180 nm – 93 μm up to 100 mg/m³ mass concentration or 20,000 particles/cm³ (single particle analysis)
Extensive output options
Real-time data and parameters can be subsequently evaluated with Palas® PDAnalyze software.

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  • Fine dust monitoring at alternating or mobile locations
  • Air quality monitoring indoors, at the workplace or inside vehicles
  • On setups where space is limited



Whether fine dust pollution in the air, dust pollution at workplaces or measurements of the effectiveness of air filters: Fidas® Frog covers a wide range of applications.

Fine Dust Monitoring systems

Fidas® 200, Fidas® 200 S and Fidas® 200 E are currently the world’s only optical fine dust measurement systems with single particle analysis for the fine dust fractions PM10 and PM2.5 that have passed this test in accordance with DIN EN 12341 and DIN EN 14907 and have been certified in accordance with DIN EN 15267-1 & -2. The mobile fine dust measuring device Fidas® Frog works according to the proven principle of optical measurement and classification of individual particles.

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