United in the face of adversity, Acoem Australasia moves forward together

21 April 2020

The power of a team is best harnessed when working together to leverage collective strengths. Acoem continues to serve customers, no matter the circumstances.

Acoem Australasia is taking the necessary steps and precautions to keep staff and customers safe and continues to take guidance on the changing conditions and measures given by the Australian Government.

Staying strong and working together as a team is intrinsic to the values of Acoem and in the current times, this unity continues to hold true.

Preparation through consistency

James Agius, Acoem Australasia Managing Director, exemplified empathetic and decisive leadership well before the crisis broke. One of the ways he is putting this into practice is the endorsement of an open policy for staff to discuss questions and concerns at a weekly communications meeting.

“In the midst of a global crisis, we are adapting daily to change and uncertainty. With many staff now working remotely, we are working cohesively and collaboratively through daily communications,” James said.

“I am very fortunate to have a team who will emerge from this crisis united and focused on building a stronger future for us all,” he added.

Full support of remote work practices

Acoem staff already practice exceptional hygiene, however, stricter measures were put in place with extra hand sanitisers and liquid soap stationed strategically around Acoem Australasia’s headquarters in Melbourne, at branches around Australia and the world.

While staff transitioned to working remotely on a full-time basis, support was provided by multiple departments to ensure a smooth and seamless process, including comprehensive communications, and multiple informative online courses coordinated by the People & Safety team.

The resilience and adaptive mindset of staff guided them in adjusting to these unique working conditions, while still being able to offer the passionate, problem solving approach to customers that is fundamental to Acoem business operations.

Open for business

Although the concept of ‘business as usual’ has changed, Acoem continues to work closely and maintain the long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Acoem remains open for business and will promptly address any inquiries or requests that arise as keeping staff and customers informed is paramount.

Unfortunately, given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, global disruptions and delays may be experienced in the delivery of our products. These conditions are out of our control, however, Acoem will endeavour to keep you up to date.

Please keep yourself and your families safe and remember that we are here for you during this time. Thank you very much for your continued support.



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