Six sigma green belt certification amplifies technical excellence of the Acoem Australasia service team

28 July 2022

When you already operate a world-class ISO and NATA accredited service and calibration centre, how do you ensure that you’re constantly improving operational efficiencies, reducing lead times and enhancing your customers’ experience? The answer lies in our ongoing commitment to innovate, upskill and implement global best practice, so Acoem Australasia can incorporate every advancement into the services we provide.

Keeping our operations lean

The Acoem Australasia Service & Calibration Centre, based at our headquarters in Melbourne, operates on the five principles of LEAN management:

  1. Define value
  2. Map the value stream
  3. Create flow
  4. Use a pull system
  5. Pursue perfection.

As a one-stop shop for ensuring that your environmental monitoring and laser shaft alignment instruments are kept in optimal condition, our technical team is continually upgrading its skills and accreditations.

Recently two of our key team members — Service Manager, Leigh Seymour and Service Technician, Jeremiah Banquesio — undertook several months of intensive study followed by a stringent examination process to be awarded Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Six Sigma is a globally respected data-driven methodology that provides a framework of business tools, statistical theory and quality control knowledge that helps improve business procedures.

A certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt possesses a thorough understanding of enhanced problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) model.

The Green Belt Certification designation also reflects the recipient’s knowledge and ability to serve as a trained team member within his or her function-specific area of the organisation. Trained and certified Six Sigma professionals take their organisations to new levels when they perfect and implement their own creative and original approach.

What does Six Sigma certification mean to our customers?

“One key point of the Six Sigma Green Belt course is that it has opened me up to better see the process through the eyes of the customer – eliminating effort and non-value-adding activity from the customer. Reducing failure means reducing how often customers need to contact you and improves their satisfaction with the organisation,” Jeremiah pointed out.

Issues and problems are no longer stigmatised as bad things, instead they are now viewed as key areas to improve and create opportunities to build a more efficient and effective workplace.

 “The Six Sigma certification brings a multitude of benefits to our organisation, but more importantly, it is the customer who reaps the rewards. My participation in this program means that I feel empowered to implement enhanced processes that will directly and positively affect Acoem customers at all stages of the service, calibration and repair cycle,” commented Leigh.

“The Service & Calibration side of the business is now operating at optimal efficiency, with clear and consistent communication with customers, shorter lead times and improved procedures across the team. We expect to see our customer satisfaction ratings reach their highest levels to reflect the changes we are introducing,” he added.

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