Seamless multi-parameter environmental monitoring on construction sites with Acoem integrated solutions

A major construction site in Sydney, Australia is experiencing the advantages of implementing a fully integrated Acoem noise, vibration and air quality environmental monitoring system firsthand, making the process of accountability and better stakeholder management easy and streamlined.

Construction sites, especially those that are located in urban settings and adjacent to occupied buildings, need to ensure that they are not impacting the quality of life for surrounding communities. Whether that is excessive noise, vibration, dust or other pollutants, monitoring is the best safeguard against potential litigation or interruption to workflow.

Installing the Acoem 4G Fusion noise monitoring meter alongside an Acoem Orion vibration terminal & Acoem Kunak AIR Pro dust monitoring pod on a construction site in Sydney, March 2023

Partnering with Acoem for peace of mind

Recently, on a construction site in Sydney’s outer west, rather than relying on individual monitoring systems for each environmental parameter requiring measurement, investing in a single, straightforward ecosystem was the best way to ensure that the construction company is maximising its environmental data and using it to make better informed decisions on site.

By partnering with Acoem, instead of purchasing individual hardware and software, this construction company and others like it are investing in a relationship built on trust and reputation. 

For this particular project, Acoem’s expert technical team set up two monitoring hubs at opposing ends of the site, situated between two existing wings of a hospital. The wellbeing of hospital staff, patients, and construction workers was considered the most important factor in determining what kind of monitoring was required.

The hubs were installed in March 2023 for an initial 18-month contract however it is likely that this period will be extended. All instruments are mains powered due to the nature and location of the site, but solar options are also available.

Acoem Cloud WebPortal

Each hub is made up of an Acoem Kunak AIR dust monitor (for measuring PM 2.5, PM10 and TSP): an Acoem Orion vibration monitoring terminal with an external highly sensitive accelerometer; and an Acoem 4G Fusion noise meter

Each of these instruments represent world-class technology and is robust for use on building sites. Moreover, the greatest benefit of combining them is that the data from each is easily accessible via the Acoem Cloud WebPortal – a platform that can be customised to suit each site’s specific needs and provides an automated alarm system and daily data checks for the environmental consulting team working on the project.

Solutions tailor made for the construction industry

According to Acoem Eastern Branch Manager, Mark Neaves, Acoem monitoring solutions are ideal for construction sites that need to operate on tight budgets and non-permanent timeframes. Although on this particular site, the technology is not being used for regulatory compliance, the reporting can be used as legal defensible data in case of a potential dispute or grievance by workers, neighbours or staff. The data is also critical to informing management of what actions construction management can take to minimise the impact of excessive noise, vibration and dust.

“Being able to view all data in a streamlined, colour-coded single interface via the Acoem Cloud WebPortal is what’s needed for the construction industry and environmental consultants responsible for building sites,” said Mark.

“Not only does the client get access to real-time, accurate information and automatically generated reports from WebPortal, but they can share that data with the construction management team, the hospital/building/client staff and even the public, depending on the original scope of the monitoring project,” he added.

For more information about Acoem Cloud WebPortal and our integrated environmental monitoring solutions, please contact us.

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