The best just got better: NESTi4.0’s WebPortal, next level predictive maintenance

For more than a decade, Acoem has continually upgraded and enhanced the functionality of its NEST software suite to provide customers with the most effective platform for accessing and leveraging its rotating asset monitoring data. The release of WebPortal is the culmination of years of research, development and technological innovation. It is set to revolutionise the way digitally connected organisations manage their predictive maintenance program.

Not only is WebPortal the newest module in the Acoem Nesti4.0 software platform, it’s also a game changer for the way industries connect with and leverage their monitoring data to make crucial decisions and prioritise their maintenance activities.

A gateway to total machine maintenance management, WebPortal is a fully web-based solution that adapts to specific operational requirements and each user’s individual needs, providing a customised and holistic overview of critical machinery in a single plant or an entire network around the world.

So much more than a predictive maintenance dashboard, WebPortal features advanced functionality that maximises access to actionable data collected by Acoem’s range of signature portable, wireless and continuous monitoring instruments, including EAGLE, FALCON, MV-x and RT-300 vibration and alignment apps.

Access your data your way

The WebPortal module offers a number of new and user-friendly functions that simplify the maintenance process. Users can view information from any fixed or mobile device with a responsive display that suits all phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

There is no software to download and all data can be stored either on premises or in the cloud, providing greater flexibility. Users connect with WebPortal via a dedicated website and individual URLs for each asset mean they no longer need to log into a separate platform to receive real-time or historical data, Access is as simple as just copying and pasting a URL into the user’s existing ecosystem – such as CMMS or ERP – to link to their machine’s diagnosis and history through NESTi4.0.

One of the most significant advantages of the WebPortal is the ability to customise it by user profile.
Information displayed, frequency and levels of technical detail can be adapted according to individual user profiles – from senior management and production staff to reliability engineers and data analysts.

Faster, more informed decision making based on criticality

When setting up the module, machines are ranked and filtered by criticality level to assess priority and urgency of action. This allows users to focus on those machines that are imperative to critical processes (high risk) and make informed decisions sooner to avoid potential disruptions to operations.

At a corporate level, WebPortal will only display actionable data, not just basic alarms and trends – essential information that will guide immediate decision making. A multisite view accessible 24 x 7 makes it an ideal solution for centralised management to steer reliability improvements on a global scale.

An innovative replication function gives total oversight of every location and asset in an entire network viewable on a centralised WebPortal server for a holistic overview of the health of all machine operations.

“Connecting with Nest i4.0 software and its new WebPortal module is the best way a business can leverage insightful monitoring data in real-time,” commented Bertrand Wascat, Head of Reliability Product team.

“Broader and more flexible access for all levels of staff, faster decision making and reaction times, and the ability to streamline management effort and optimise maintenance planning make WebPortal an essential tool for any organisation looking to take their Industry 4.0 operation to the next level,” he added.

For more information about adding WebPortal to your predictive maintenance ecosystem, visit our website or contact us.

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