New direction in dust monitoring at GEMG 2023 Conference, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia - DustRover & Integro LIDAR Network

31 May 2023

Acoem Australasia (formerly known as Ecotech) is all set to participate at the Goldfield Environmental Management Group (GEMG) 2023 Conference from 14-16 June in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Acoem’s participation at this biennial conference provides the perfect opportunity to showcase our innovative dust monitoring capabilities for the mining industry to a diverse range of industry professionals, government regulators, environmental consultancies, and service providers.

Acoem DustRoverTM is transforming dust monitoring on the move and delivering a dynamic solution for the mining industry to proactively
manage and mitigate dust-related risks.

Delivering comprehensive solutions that go beyond compliance

Dust monitoring is traditionally seen as a compliance issue and a business cost. But Acoem has been able to shift this paradigm with the development of advanced systems that enhance value, optimise asset management, and deliver cost savings.

Two of our leading world-class dust monitoring solutions – the DustRoverTM and the  IntegroTM LIDAR Network will be the highlight at the Acoem stand during the conference.

This comprehensive suite of smart monitoring systems provides real-time data and visibility across the entire mine site. By seamlessly integrating with vehicles and machinery, they enable informed decision-making, facilitate dust control measures and enhance overall operational efficiency.

DustRover – Vehicle-mounted dust monitoring on the move

Acoem DustRover heralds a new direction in dust monitoring — a vehicle-mounted, next-generation mobile dust monitoring system that tracks dust on the move.

Evolved from long-standing partnerships and insights in to the mining sector, DustRover empowers mine operators to take a more active, real-time role in capturing dust levels at the source, understand road surface conditions and respond on the go. This also lets non-specialist staff easily interpret data and dispatch remediation mechanisms to areas of concern sooner.

DustRover is a comprehensive tool that integrates multiple technologies to empower mine site operators
with actionable data for dust monitoring and targeted allocation of resources.

Remote monitoring for a real-time dust roadmap

With cloud-based technology, mining companies can access real-time dust data and analytical reports from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, DustRover offers an alert system that notifies personnel when dust levels exceed predefined thresholds, enabling swift response.

Targeted interventions for efficient resource deployment

DustRover empowers mine site operators & drivers with data they need to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively. This focused remediation means only deploying water carts when and where they’re needed most, thus increasing resource efficiency – saving time, money and energy.

Vibration monitoring for smoother haul roads

One of the standout features of DustRover is the addition of vibration monitoring. The on-board vibration sensors help indicate when haul roads are getting too rough and need fresh grading. The result is smoother haul roads, thus reducing rolling resistance, improving tyre wear, conserving fuel and operational cost saving.

Comprehensive data for trend analysis

DustRover’s capabilities extend beyond immediate operational needs. The system generates a weekly heat map data, enabling long-term planning. Mine sites can identify trends, anticipate potential issues, and implement proactive strategies to mitigate dust-related risks. This approach ensures the sustainable management of dust impacts on mine operations as well as surrounding communities.

Integro™ LIDAR, the next-generation 3D dust monitoring network

Another frontline dust monitoring system by Acoem is the Integro LIDAR Network. As a turnkey solution, the integrated system is particularly useful in identifying the source of dust emissions and how it traverses a site and surrounding area.

The LIDAR instrument can measure dust emission sources, movement, and trajectories over an entire hemispherical scanned area ranging from a few hundred metres up to 12 km radius. By collating data over time, mine managers will develop more accurate knowledge of dust plume behaviour, specific to their site and local meteorological conditions. This information will lead to better operational planning and a reduction in dust exposure risks that will have positive impacts with regulatory authorities and local communities.

With a high-resolution Google Earth-like 3D viewing experience, the intuitive mapping interface helps you transform your monitoring data into informed action.

An expanded Dust Monitoring portfolio

Acoem has strengthened its environmental monitoring capabilities with the recent acquisition of Met One Instruments. This Acoem Met One synergy has opened up new possibilities through an extensive offering of class-leading, multi-parameter dust monitoring solutions across construction sites, mining operations, or bulk handling facilities.

Meet the Acoem Australasia team at GEMG 2023

We invite you to visit the Acoem Australasia stand at GEMG 2023, and explore how our innovative technologies can drive positive and sustainable change in the mining industry.

Meet Stuart Rietkerk, Acoem Australasia Sales Executive and product champion at the Acoem Australasia GEMG 2023 stand, to see DustRover and Integro LIDAR Network data dashboards and other environmental monitoring solutions for mining operations.

“Acoem’s success in delivering effective dust monitoring solutions is rooted in our commitment to listening to customers,” commented Stuart.

“By understanding the specific challenges faced by the mining industry, we have developed dynamic solutions that go beyond compliance and costs. These are designed to give clients an informed decision-making process on-site, leading to enhanced asset utilisation and optimised return on investment,” he added.

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