"Location, Location, Location!" Acoem Australasia boots on the ground in Bowen, North Queensland

10 May 2019

Acoem Australasia’s new office in Bowen provides environmental monitoring customers
increased service delivery levels in North Queensland. Pictured is an Acoem Air Quality Monitoring System.

Acoem Australasia opened its newest office this February in Bowen, North Queensland, Australia. Geographically situated midway between Townsville and Mackay, the Acoem Australasia Bowen team is perfectly placed to deliver local O&M (Operations & Maintenance) and other rapid response technical services to Acoem Australasia customers across North Queensland.

At 1.9 million km2 in area, the state of Queensland is vast. So vast, it’s not always time and cost effective for Acoem Australasia to mobilise a technician, all the way from its Brisbane office, to service environmental monitoring instruments and stations located 1000+ km north. For that reason, Acoem Australasia has now based a permanent team in Bowen, North Queensland.

For the first time, Acoem customers in and around the Bowen area, including Townsville and Mackay, can receive local service. This means increased response benefits that were not possible previously.

Start-to-finish operation and maintenance in less time

With more than 10 years environmental monitoring field experience, Acoem Australasia Field Service Technician Freddie Brand is the boots on the ground in Bowen. A key part of Freddie’s role is to perform general monthly routine checks, as well as the operation and maintenance of air quality stations across multiple sites from start to finish.

Local expertise: North Queensland Acoem Australasia Field Service Technician, Freddie Brand, is based in Bowen.

“Acoem Australasia technicians can remotely check each monitoring station, to verify that there are no faults or problems. And when the situation demands it, our technicians have the experience and expertise to assess each station and fix issues quickly in person. That’s the key technical advantage of having our people local – Rapid response and better service for our customers in North Queensland,” said Chris White, Acoem Australasia Eastern Branch Operations Manager.

Acoem Australasia localisation brings cost savings to customers

Working closely with local industries such as ports and mining for over 45 years, Acoem Australasia fully understands our customers’ need to comply with regulatory requirements to monitor environmental pollutants.

As part of the Acoem Australasia service, an automated alert can be sent from the monitoring station if the station goes offline or predetermined air quality threshold levels are reached.

“When we receive an alarm, I can remotely log into the system and investigate. And because I’m just around the corner, whether it’s a repair or routine maintenance, I can quickly get on site and take action if needed,” explained Freddie.

“Since we don’t have to add the extra time and cost to get to site [from Brisbane], this allows us to be more time and cost efficient for our customers. A win-win for Acoem Australasia customers in North Queensland.”

For more information about how Acoem Australasia can help simplify environmental monitoring and increase service delivery levels in North Queensland, contact Chris White, Acoem Australasia Eastern Branch Operations Manager at chris.white@acoem.com




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