Limited time only promotion - “Trade Up” to a new Acoem Aurora™ NE series integrating nephelometer

4 Sep 2022

To celebrate the announcement of the new generation Aurora NE series of integrating nephelometers at the 2022 International Aerosol Conference, Acoem is offering customers who own selected non-Acoem or non-Ecotech branded nephelometers the opportunity to “Trade Up” to a brand new Acoem Aurora NE-100, NE-300 or NE-400 Polar instrument and receive special incentives.

Out with the old & in with the new

Many scientists and researchers will already be familiar with the original Aurora range. Its reputation in the global research community is well founded, based on decades of widespread usage in networks such as the Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS) and the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Programme.

If you’re currently utilising a competitor branded nephelometer for your research projects, now would be the ideal time to trade up to the newer, more technologically advanced and user-friendly Aurora NE series from Acoem.

For a limited time only, contact Acoem to register your interest to purchase an Aurora NE-100 single wavelength, NE-300 three wavelength or NE-400 Polar three wavelength integrating nephelometer and take advantage of the special “Trade Up” promotion offer:

  • Complimentary “Calibration Kit”
  • Complimentary “12 month Service Kit”.

Aerosol measurement with significant enhancements & tangible benefits

The new generation Aurora NE series offers:[1]

  • New, more powerful microcontroller means you get data more quickly, with improved signal processing capability and faster operations
  • Established platform for greater future expandability as new functionality is introduced
  • Broader communication protocols (standard network TCP/IP ports, micro-SD card, USB ports, Bluetooth and two RS232 ports)
  • Practically unlimited data collection with increased internal data storage capacity
  • Seamless integration of internal ball valves ensures sample line isolation during calibration
  • Shorter and easier calibration process from the upgraded way span and zero gas is plumbed into the cell
  • Powerful internal sample pump for controllable flow with possible volumetric control
  • 7” full colour touchscreen display with intuitive menu system
  • Easy cell removal for routine cleaning and access to internal instrument
  • Increased light source intensity, reduced truncation angle, and decreased wall scattering for lower Instrument noise and accuracy.

Aurora NE series “Trade Up” promotion

The Acoem Aurora “Trade Up” promotion will run from 4 September 2022 until 4 September 2023. To qualify you must own a non-Acoem or non-Ecotech branded nephelometer.

When the purchase of your new Aurora NE-100, NE-300 and/or NE-400 Polar integrating nephelometer is finalised (within 12 months of the “Trade Up” promotion period), you will receive:

  • Complimentary “Calibration Kit”
  • Complimentary “12 month Service Kit”.

Terms & conditions apply.[2] For more information about the Acoem Aurora NE series “Trade Up” promotion offer, please contact your local Acoem representative or email Jost Lavric, PhD Acoem Australasia Global Scientific & LIDAR specialist at

[1] Specifications subject to change without notice.

[2] Terms & Conditions – Acoem Aurora NE Series Trade Up Promotion Offer. To apply, the Trade Up Promotion Offer must be accepted by both Acoem and the Customer before the end of the promotion period as stated above. Not all instruments are eligible for Acoem Aurora NE series “Trade Up” promotion offer. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to participate. Offer may not be available in all countries. Acoem or its official representatives reserve the right to refuse or limit the incentives of any Trade Up promotion offer for any reason. Restrictions and limitations may apply. Warranty conditions applying to Aurora NE Series are available upon request.

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