Explore the Acoem range of connected noise and vibration monitoring solutions at Acoustics 2023, Sydney

The Acoustics 2023 Conference exhibition will be held from Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 December 2023 at the International Convention Centre Sydney. Acoem Australasia is proud to participate and will showcase its suite of signature noise and vibration monitoring systems and integrated solutions at Stand #17. Our expert technical team will be on hand to provide demonstrations and discuss your specific environmental monitoring needs.

A ‘not to be missed’ international acoustics conference & exhibition

Acoustics 2023 is being jointly hosted by the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS), the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), the Western Pacific Commission for Acoustics and the Pacific Rim Underwater Acoustics Conference (PRUAC) – bringing together a plethora of local and overseas acoustic and environmental consultants, academics, government representatives and technology designers.

“We’re looking forward to being able to showcase the best of Acoem’s noise and vibration monitoring technology and giving participants the opportunity to further explore the Acoem ecosystem of connected devices, software and integrated systems,” commented Mark Neaves, Acoem Eastern Brand Sales Manager & noise monitoring solutions specialist.

“In particular we are excited to provide a more in-depth look into our Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) solution to a wider audience and share the possibilities of enhanced community safety through remote surveillance and precision identification of noise and visual disturbances in both indoor and outdoor public spaces,” he added.

Military grade technology for civilian applications

Acoem ATD and ATD portable solutions act as the eyes and ears of security and law enforcement 24 x 7 – detecting any anomalies, including explosions, gunshots, loud voices, thermal variations and licence plates through a system of sensors and cameras that will immediately relay the infraction in real-time to a command centre or any authorised control device.

The precision data identifies the exact location, source and type of disruption in real-time, giving first responders greater insight into the issue, reducing incidences of escalation and allowing law enforcement to make faster, more informed decisions for responding. ATD keeps communities safer and provides peace of mind for continuous surveillance in a multitude of applications – from government buildings, educational facilities and public landmarks to entertainment venues, transport centres and religious institutions.

Like all Acoem noise solutions, ATD operates within the Acoem ecosystem driven by its Cadence™ IoT software and management platform, making operation of any of Acoem’s devices streamlined and easy to implement.

Acoem ATD railway installation (adjacent image)

The instruments of choice of environmental consultants worldwide

The Acoem stand at Acoustics 2023 will also feature demonstrations of three of Acoem’s most trusted noise and vibration monitoring solutions:

Fusion – Acoem’s signature compact 4G sound level meter and the only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyser on the market with a built-in 4G modem and your choice of trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators and push data options.

Cube – the noise monitoring terminal used by environmental consultants, building sites and industries around the world, it features built-in 4G mobile connectivity and can be adapted to suit any application – portable in a weather-proof carrying case or stationary in a fixed unit.

Orion– for precise vibration monitoring, this terminal was designed to protect buildings and the people who occupy them as well as monuments and historical artefacts that require controlled environments. It easy to configure, always connected and is housed in a strong, IP65-waterproof level casing with an extended 30-hour battery life.

Acoem Cadence shortens the path between monitoring and informed action (adjacent image)

The benefits of Acoem noise & vibration monitoring solutions

Over the past 40 years, Acoem (previously known as 01dB) has been at the forefront of designing, developing, commissioning and integrating a class-leading range of noise and vibration measurement technologies and services that help governments, consultants and industries maintain ambient soundscapes and minimise noise pollution – which is a significant factor that contributes to the wellbeing of communities and the sustainability of businesses.

Acoem’s innovative noise and vibration solutions meet the changing needs of businesses, airports, cities and construction sites around the world. Its experts identify the source and nature of noise / vibration, limit exceedances and mitigate the associated risks. Integrated hardware and software solutions operate on a single ecosystem that continually evolves to ensure that its customers’ equipment is always up to date and operates with maximum efficiency.

Mark Neaves, Acoem Eastern Branch Sales Manager, looks forward to welcoming visitors to Stand #17 at Acoustics 2023. For enquiries, please contact info.au@acoem.com.au or visit acoem.com/australasia/ranges/noise-vibration-monitoring for more information.


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